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You are a Woman of Spirit.  You have felt the call of your heart.  You have felt the call of a circle of women.  You know what it is that your mind, body, and soul are longing for....and you showed up and gave it to them.  We are so thrilled to have you joining us for our 3rd Annual Women of Spirit Retreat!  We have a lovely, quaint little venue booked in beautiful Nashville, Indiana where the fall colors will be in full swing (that is what I am working out with Mother Nature, anyway!) Either way, it will be beautiful.  Brown County has a wonderful park full of hiking trails so you can get away and process and reconnect.  There are also lots of cute little shops and places to eat.

Please fill out the contact form below...it will be so super helpful of you, thank you!!!  xox

Also, take a look at what this year's presenters are offering you as you continue to embrace that Woman of Spirit inside you!  As you can see from our selfie above....we're excited to see you there!!!!

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Some magical things we're offering!

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Amy Auset Rohn

I am so thrilled that you are coming to our 3rd Annual Women of Spirit retreat and love, Love, LOVE our venue this year!  I am excited to present my workshop on Past Lives and to offer you some insight and special offerings during the retreat and some that you can enjoy after you return home!  

Where to find me on the web:

Private sessions offered on Saturday between 12:30 - 2:30 (and at special prices just for YOU!)

  • 30 minute readings (at the retreat):  I use oracle cards as a place to start connecting with messages from the Universe for you and to connect with deceased loved ones ($50.00)

  • Soul Song Recordings (register at the retreat):  I use the letters of your name to compose a personalized and unique song that is in alignment with your Soul to bring healing.  These will be recorded and emailed to you after the retreat ($88)

  • Soul Essence Portrait sessions (register at the retreat):  1/2 day or full day photo sessions to tell your story (see the details HERE Ask me for your special pricing)

  • Simply Me Portrait sessions (register at the retreat):  You, me, 1 hour, 1 or 2 rolls of film to capture all the gritty, the raw, the natural beauty of you.  ( A brand new offering that I'm excited about! Ask me about it!!!)

Rev. Normandi Ellis

During the retreat I am offering:

  • Astrological Chart with Transits -- $130/ 1 hr
  • Tarot consultation --  $60/half hour
  • Clairvoyant Reading -- $60/half hour

If you would like an astrological chart with transits, please email me at ellisisis@gmail.com 1 week before the Women of Spirit retreat with your birth day, place and time.


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Rev. Wendy Sue Wahl

I am excited to bring the Akashic Records up close and personal to all of you!  The energetic and vibration of the Akashic Records is something that each human has access to and my intention is to bathe our gathering in a way that permeates and leads us each to our own awareness of our unique brilliance.  In this time on the planet we can drop the illusion and see what we DO HAVE TO OFFER the world, prayerfully and purposefully, with ease, grace and purity of heart.

My offering for you all is a 1.5 hour Akashic Record session for $100, which is a savings of $50 over my regular price.  The sessions must be paid for at the retreat and completed by December 31, 2017 either in person or via telephone.  I will have flyers available with more information.  Please visit my website at www.within-view.com or email me at withinview@gmail.com

Teresa Vazquez 


I am really getting excited about our time together and for the opportunity to work with you a little deeper on your Dream Life.  Here are some special one-on-one sessions you can book with me:

  • Dream Incubation Session:  Traditionally, Mohawk people assert that dreaming expresses the secret wishes of the soul. I will create a custom Dream Incubation Box for you, provide information on how to use them and provide a phone/Skype consultation to discuss the use of your Dream Incubation box with intentions.  (Dream Incubation Package $30.00)


  • Dream Re-entry & Tracking session:  Do you have an amazing, terrifying or perplexing dream or nightmare that keeps calling your attention? Dream Re-entry can help you go back into the dream for enjoyment, information-gathering or to obtain greater closure. I will serve as your drummer & tracker for the journey by entering the dream with your permission and providing pertinent information.   ($60.00/hr)


  • Private Dream Journey:  An intention-led dream journey with the drum can be on any theme you desire. Some examples
    include: working with nightmares, reconnecting with departed loved ones, experiencing a possible future, soul recovery, encounters with spirit animals and guides, creative imagery, and more.  ($70.00/hr)


  • Dream-inspired Art:  I will have dream-inspired artworks in multimedia on paper and canvas for sale. My works are
    both ways of illustrating what I see in dreams and visions, and an active dreaming process that
    relies only on the secret wishes of my soul to birth the image that wants to come forward.  (Prices vary)