Hello, I'm Auset!

My name is Amy Auset Rohn but I go by Auset.  There’s a story there, but I’ve got another magical story to share with you first! 

I'm an ordained Priestess of Isis and I’m here to help you open your intuition and deepen your connection to your Self and the Divine, the earth and magic...all through the teachings of the Goddess and Ancient Egypt.  

If you’re like I was, you might be feeling as if there is something missing in your life.  There’s an emptiness in some area that leaves you with a drive to search for more...to search for answers...to search for the potential that is inside of you … and you just need a little direction.

That’s where I can help!  You see, I’ve been there. I felt stuck in my life and growing up very religious, I knew that there was a bigger power somewhere out there...but I wasn’t feeling very connected to it.  It’s not that I had a bad life, but it was missing something at a very deep soul level and something that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on.

That is, until I found Egypt, or rather until Egypt found me.

If you’re here, you might be feeling a strong connection already to Ancient Egypt and its magic. You may have had encounters with them in meditation or in a reading.

Maybe you’re not quite there yet and you’re craving a connection to the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. Maybe you’ve just always been intrigued by Egypt but now it is always on your mind and tapping at the door of your heart and soul.

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My other gifts....

My other gifts include photography and playing the harp!  

You can find out more about my photography at


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In the beginning, I dabbled quite a bit in the world of the unseen.  I took classes on crystals, read all the books on angels and had hordes of angelic, animal, mermaid and celtic oracle cards.  I learned how to channel, go into semi-trance, and learned to talk to spirits of those who have passed away.

I did all the ultra-spiritual Things but still...there was something not quite clicking or making my soul absolutely sing.  When I say Egypt found me, I mean that quite literally.

I was in a channeling class where we were all seated in a circle, the lights of the room were turned off so that we were in utter darkness, and a cd of music played that was designed to bring us into a trance-like state so that we could move deep into a meditative state and meet or invoke the Being that wanted to speak through us.  

For me, I was certain I would walk along the path in my mind and cross the bridge to find Archangel Uriel there seated on the bench waiting for me and that I would speak the most amazing message from him to the class. I walked along the path in my mind with confidence and crossed the bridge in anticipation but there was no one seated on the bench waiting for me. So I sat on the bench in my mind and waited, asking for his presence and waiting.  Soon a Being appeared through the foggy air and I asked to know their name.  

I am Hathor”, she said.

“No,”  I replied, “I don’t know you. I’m waiting for Uriel.”

I waited a little longer and a Being appeared and I eagerly asked to know their name.  Again I heard,

I am Hathor”, she said.

“No,”  I replied again, “I am waiting for Uriel.”

This happened again and on the fourth time, I again asked to know their name.

I am Hathor”, she said.

“Alright, you are Hathor!”  I replied with exasperation.

 WHOOSH!!!!!!  The rush of energy dropping into me in that moment was overwhelming and more powerful than anything I had ever experienced before!  My heart raced and my breathing sped up to try and keep up. My crown chakra was buzzing and wide open, my throat felt as cavernous as the Grand Canyon and I could not speak a single word.  I was there, in the darkness, unable to move and time stood still as she entered my body.

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We were all guided back into our bodies and back into the present time and place and my first response was, “What’s a Hathor?!”  I had no idea who she was but I knew that she had found me and that she had plans for me.

When I began to study about Hathor and the magic of Ancient Egypt I was finally in my element. I decided to study and become a Priestess of Isis and it’s been a wonderful journey filled with magic I couldn’t even imagined.

You might be a mover and a shaker in most areas of your life, but if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start, or how to connect with the powerful transformative energy and magic of Egypt and the neteru, I’m ready to help you achieve that!

My purpose as a Priestess of Isis is to guide and teach those on a spiritual path to attain their highest potential. I offer online classes, readings, intuitive coaching, healing music and photography to help you open up to the world of the unseen that you’re feeling but not fully connecting with.


We’re in this together so you can find the spiritual connection, clarity in purpose, and peace and fulfillment in life that you’re searching for. 

I can lead you deeper into the sands of your soul to uncover more of YOU than you knew was possible because, as you can see, I’ve been on my own personal archaeological dig with my Self and I know the way through the vast unseen and magical world of the neteru, the Divine Beings, of Ancient Egypt.  I know how much magic and support they can provide on a daily basis….and I want you to experience it, too!

There is so much wisdom in the Egyptian Mysteries!  The neteru (Gods and Goddesses) have so much to offer and so much love to give as you embark on a journey through your own virtual Underworld, that place deep inside that is just waiting for you to discover it.

As Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.”

You’re here. You’re at the beginning. Where should you go from here?

Let’s start simply by signing up to get on my email list where I offer both practical and deeply transformative guidance from the voices of the neteru, the powerful and loving Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.  You’ll receive simple ways to weave all of that magic into your everyday life and start to connect more with not only divine beings outside of your Self, but the divine being inside of YOU. 


Join me to experience the magic that is Egypt wherever you are