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Eclipse Season 2018 Specials


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It's Eclipse Season!  We have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse followed two weeks later by a Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse followed two weeks later by another New Moon/Solar Eclipse.  That kind of activity doesn't happen often in a lifetime and the beauty of it all is that you came here to experience this intensity, to move through change, to transform .... even it it is just by trusting and letting go you're here and you're digging deep.

I want to help guide and support you through this energetic shift and offer you some really big specials on some of my offerings.  Call it the moon, call me's ok....I'm here to help and here's how:

Choose a 15 minute reading, a 15 minute Soul Sherpa Session OR the entire Navigating Mercury Retrograde online course all for a magical


Yes.  Choose any or all of these for just $13 each...but only for a limited time

*** This special is now over ***

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15 Minute Reading

Get a little extra insight into your life...from the perspective of your guides and angels.  Readings can be done in person (if you are in the area) or via phone/Zoom. 

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15 Minute Soul Sherpa Session

Need a little help understanding how things are opening up in your world?  Have a dream that has you asking more questions than you have answers for?  Let me help!


Readings can be done in person (if you are in the area) or via phone/Zoom. 

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Entire Online Course

My entire online course, Navigating Mercury Retrograde, is designed to help you move through shifts in your life by helping you look deeper into your soul blueprints.  The timing is perfect but especially now as we enter into the Mercury Retrograde shift.  

Take this course for a special price here....