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The Gods and Goddesses of Egypt breathe and live alongside of us but how do we reach out and touch them back?  Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Osiris, Thoth and others of the Egyptian pantheon are all waiting to introduce themselves to you on a very personal level and to guide you and offer support any time you call upon them.

These courses are in an a la carte format so you can choose what you like….or you can choose them all. Available NOW is

Isis: Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

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  • Hathor: Goddess of Love and Beauty

  • Nephthys: Goddess of Mystery

  • Nuit: Goddess of the Night Sky

  • Sekhmet: Goddess of Power

  • Osiris: God of

  • Thoth: God of Wisdom

  • Set: God of Overcoming Chaos

  • Horus: God of Healing

In these comprehensive online courses you’ll learn how to read between the lines of their stories and walk more closely with them as you move through the alchemy of your own daily life.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful Gods and Goddesses of this ancient place, work with their energy, and enjoy these new relationships in your life every day. They will come alive to you in a way that you may have never experienced before through meditation, invocation, ritual, and journaling.  They will sit with you and support you in this transformational workshop as you experience the magic that is Ancient Egypt.

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Isis: Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

Isis is the Goddess of the Throne and a Goddess of Ten Thousand Names. She is a daughter of the sky Goddess, Nuit, and the sister-wife of Osiris. She is beautiful and full of grace in spite of having to deal with so much lost and betrayal and hardships during her life.

Isis understands all aspects of human life and often shows up exactly when we’re going through our own transformation. It can be said simply that She understands. She’s experienced heartache as well as empowerment...and everything in between.

Not only did she find the missing pieces of her beloved Osiris after his murder and dismemberment, she repeatedly went through the same process...of finding herself, of picking up the broken pieces of her heart and soul, and finding her strength and courage, her wisdom and power.

In this course, learn more about her stories and how they are a part of yours through the course material, harp meditation, and suggested activities.


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Hathor: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Hathor is a lovely cow-headed mother goddess who is perhaps one of the oldest Goddesses.  She’s a healer, bringer of joy, goddess of mothers and children, love and love-making. In her temples the ancient ones came to pray for healing, dreams, and perform rites of fertility.  Her priestesses were also practitioners of Sacred Sexuality and had a deep understanding of the mysteries of Hieros Gamos, or Divine Union. She fell in love with Horus at first sight when she healed his battle wounds and she looked into the eyes she fashioned for him to repair his blindness after battling Set.

In this course you’ll experience Hathor and all she has to offer through music, the body and beauty. It’s a way to connect with your Divine nature….not just with your mind but with your whole being.

Feel her powerful and loving presence through the course material presented, harp meditation, and suggested activities.


Sekhmet: Goddess of Power

Sekhmet, Goddess of Creation and Destruction, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, protective Mother and powerful healer.  When this Goddess comes to visit, life is going to change...because you are ready for it, because you once whispered just as you were falling asleep that you were ready and she waited by your bedside listening closely so she could then spring into action and get things moving for you in your life. She holds the keys to all the things that may be challenging and sometimes downright painful but necessary for you to be in the place in your life where you were meant to be.  She is one the ancients called on to destroy dissenting factors in humanity who had to be calmed in order to save humanity from destruction.  

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? When you’re ready for her….she’ll be there.

Feel her powerful and transformative presence through the course material presented, harp meditation, and suggested activities.