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Women of Spirit Weekend

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We enjoyed a wonderful weekend immersed in the spirit of intuition, alchemy, self-discovery, and Egypt with workshops presented by:

Normandi Ellis:  Rev. Normandi Ellis is a clairvoyant Spiritualist minister living at Camp Chesterfield, Indiana.  She is the author of numerous books on ancient Egypt, including Awakening Osiris, considered an essential text for all travelers in Egypt, which she translated from Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  Her newest book is The Union of Isis and Thoth, which offers experiential work in creating the temple within and aligning with the divine being.  She also leads trips to Egypt.  

Amy Auset Rohn:  Auset is an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, clairvoyant-medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, harpist and oracle who teaches courses in alignment with the Egyptian Pantheon to help you find clarity, open your intuition and re-ignite your passion for life.  An accomplished self-taught harpist she also offers concert presentations and workshops featuring her original compositions based on the numerology of the names of the neteru of Egypt whose stories are interwoven in the music. Her creative side is further expressed beautifully in her photography as she strives to show her viewers how she sees beauty of the world around her.  You can order her CD, Bentryeshy: Harp of Joy and see her performances at and see her photography at http:/ 

Sonja Phoenix Isenhart:  Sonja is trained in the Healing Arts as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Emotional Bodyworker and Trauma Recovery Facilitator.  A Sacred Shamanic Magdalene High Priestess, she integrates her education, intuition and faith with passion in assisting her clients with the 3R's...Remembering Realigning and Reconnecting one's Heart, Mind and Soul.

Indigo Ronlov:  In 2014, Indigo Ronlov, MA, founded The Zahra Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to educating women about the value of handwork, especially when created from reclaimed materials.  She believes we each have the power to be the transformation.  She received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is a Minister of Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies.  You can find out more about her work and offerings at and more about her foundation at


  • Normandi Ellis:  Medju Neter, The Oracular Use of Egyptian Hieroglyphs:  Sometimes translated as "The Word of God", Medju neter was the ancient Egyptian phrase for the language that high priests and priestesses used in their sacred texts.  Because their language was both symbolic, phonetic, and mythopoetic, the hieroglyphs can be used as oracles, implying more than one level of interpretation and working on multiple levels of meaning, as a dream works on multiple levels.  In fact, ancient Egyptian clergy were excellent dream interpreters for this reason.

  • Sonja Phoenix Isenhart: Breathwork:  Breathwork is a healing arts technique where one's own breath is used as a catalyst to safely journey within, allowing the mind to relax and feel your way into your body/heart and Spirit.  Going within through breathwork can help you find and connect to pieces of who you are.  (You will need:  yoga mat/blanket, pillow, eye mask-optional, loose fitting clothes, a journal)

  • Indigo Ronlov:  Ma'at Illumination:  When you attune to the presence of Ma'at, you come to a new understanding of cosmic truth and balance within which we all exist.  She provides the opportunity to be in alignment with this truth by helping bring choices and actions in harmony with the greater good.  The choices we choose in each moment weave our future destiny, both as individuals and as planetary  partners.  Ma'at offers much guidance as we move moment-by-moment into the future as the guardians and co-creators of what is to become.

  • Amy Auset Rohn:  Intro to Egyptian Pantheon:  The neteru of Egypt breathe and live alongside of us but how do we reach out and touch them back?  In this workshop you will learn how to read between the lines of their stories and walk more closely with them as you move through the alchemy of your own daily life.  

Where:  Camp Chesterfield 50 Lincoln Dr, Chesterfield, IN 46017

Hotel accommodations can be made at the Historic Western Hotel located on the grounds