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Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Nekhbet-Mut

Looking back.

This is the opportunity we are given at each Mercury Retrograde to revisit our past, to heal, to move forward unhindered and freed from our regrets and thought patterns that hold us back and keep us from becoming all that we were meant to be.

Mercury Retrograde is a powerful time that comes three to four times a year and lasts about 21 days.  It is when the planet seems to move backward in its orbit.  It is a wonderful time to look back and heal wounds and memories from the past.

For this course, we are going to look at some of our family connections, some of our past belief systems and how these affect us today, and relationships/intimacy.  Some of the explorations will be fun and lighthearted, some will take a little bit of planning, some will be downright tough I'm sure...but know that there is light at the end of that tunnel.  It is a rebirth.

Know that there is someone there to guide you and support you...Mut will be there.  Nekhbet will be there.  Your guides and angels will be there.  I will be there. 

During this 3-week course you will receive an email each week with:

  • recordings of each week's material -- Family Connections, Spiritual Past, Relationships/Intimacy
  • original recordings of songs to Mut, Nekhbet, and Mut/Amun
  • explorations to do each day and a PDF worksheet

** There is also an optional addition of a one-on-one private session with me upon completion of the course to discuss your transformations, questions, and experiences with Nekhbet-Mut during the course

Join me for this transformational course and move through Mercury Retrograde with greater ease, awareness and purpose.