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Women of Spirit: Discovering Your Power

You've been asking...we've listened...and the 2016 Women of Spirit Retreat is ready for you!

Come for a weekend immersed in the power of the Divine Feminine and explore your own power in a safe and healing space, sacred to the Goddess and the beauty of transformation. The workshops are designed to bring her close to you, to guide you as you begin to commune with her, and to learn how to deepen your relationship with your own Divine Feminine power.

Join Normandi Ellis, Amy Auset Rohn, Mary Beth Hattaway, Karen Martin, and Sonja Phoenix Isenhart for a weekend immersed in the spirit of intuition, alchemy, self-discovery, and the Goddess.  

Workshops and Presenters


Rev. Normandi Ellis:  Contacting the Divine Feminine through the Goddess Runes:  Since Paleolithic times the goddess has appeared in symbolic form in temples, on cave paintings, and on runes. She embodies the sacred elements, animals, and powers of the natural world. We will explore her appearance in our lives as we create Sculpee ™ runes and learn the stories of the ancient divine feminine at work in our lives.  

About Rev. Normandi Ellis:  Rev. Normandi Ellis is an Arch-priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, a clairvoyant  Spiritualist minister and an internationally known teacher.   She is the author of 13 books, most notably the spiritual classic Awakening Osiris, based on the hieroglyphic text of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. For over 25 years Awakening Osiris has been a touchstone of the spiritual tourist through Egypt and was described as an essential text for the spiritual pilgrim.  Her most recent book with Nicki Scully is The Union of Isis and Thoth: The Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt (Dec 2015).  She teaches in the Metaphysical School at Camp Chesterfield (Indiana) and offers clairvoyant circles private consultations on the phone or in person, and online.  Visit her website at 

Sonja Phoenix Isenhart: Breathwork:  Breathwork is a healing arts technique where one's own breath is used as a catalyst to safely journey within, allowing the mind to relax and feel your way into your body/heart and Spirit.  Going within through breathwork can help you find and connect to pieces of who you are.                

About Sonja Phoenix Isenhart:  Sonja is a Sacred Shamanic Magdalene High Priestess  trained in the Healing Arts as Reiki Master Teacher, Emotional   Bodyworker and Trauma Recovery Facilitator. Owner of Just B.R.E.A.T.H.e where she offers breathwork and bodywork. She is a long standing member of the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, WI. home of the Taking it Lightly workshop(Emotional Intelligence). She integrates her education, intuition and faith with passion in assisting her clients with the 3R's. Remembering, Realigning and Reconnecting one's Heart, Mind and Soul. You can find her on her facebook page, Just B.R.E.A.T.H.e Bodywork.

Amy Auset Rohn: Finding Yourself through the Dark Goddess:  The most powerful alchemy happens on the dark side of the moon, in moments of the Dark Night of the Soul where the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys works her divine magic.  Within this sacred space of the Self she will guide you to your deep reserves of strength, power, and courage veiled by vulnerability, solitude, and self-expression.  

About Amy Auset Rohn:  Amy Auset Rohn is a Priestess of Isis, harpist, spiritual coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Oracle who leads others on a journey back to themselves through the magic that is Egypt, the body and intuition.  You can find out more about her upcoming courses and how to work with her one-on-one at and her music at  Also an accomplished and recognized photographer, you can see the way she sees the world at  Contact her for private consultations, workshops, photography sessions and concerts at

Rev. Mary Beth Hattaway:  Vibrational Healing:  Experiential hands-on session working with the healing elements of sound and color vibration.  Work with tools such as voice, color, music, movement and instruments.  If you have a favorite instrument, bring it to class!  

About Rev. Mary Beth Hattaway:  Rev. Mary Beth Hattaway is a Camp Chesterfield trained and certified clairvoyant and Spiritual Healer.  In addition to working with healing in the church, she also has a healing sanctuary in her home at Camp Chesterfield where she does private healing sessions and energy work. Mary Beth has been certified by the metaphysical school associated with the Universal Light of Christ in Texas and is preparing to practice healing work to focus energy as done by John of God.  A healer for several decades, this healing channeling practice has given her new exciting opportunities and insights and she goes deeper into this modality.

Karen Martin: Naikan Mindfulness:  We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.  We will explore their blessings to us in specific activities based in the Japanese lifestyle, NAIKAN. Then, you will learn,experience and practice the 5 point auricular acupuncture treatment using magnets, not needles. These are specific points for stress management and detoxing the body to create and maintain balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.  

About Karen Martin:  Karen has a background in many Eastern modalities for healing, including Chinese medicine. She is a licensed clinical counselor and hypnotherapist.  She is NADA certified and an ordained minister.  She is Guardian for over 40 pictograph Ica Stones from Peru South America. She has published a deck of reading cards using the Stones as the messengers. For groups, she presents her story with the Stones using a hands on approach.  As a Spiritual Growth Facilitator for groups and individuals, she uses modalities to promote personal balance and advancement.  She is available at

Located at Historic *Camp Chesterfield.  (*This is a Private event, not sponsored by Camp Chesterfield)

For Western Hotel Reservations call (765) 378-0237  (Lodging fees are separate from retreat registration and must be arranged by each woman attending)


I-69 S from Fort Wayne or I-69 N from Indianapolis:  Take exit 234.  Take SR 32 W to the 3rd traffic light (Washington St) turn RIGHT.  Camp entrance is one block north on Washington St.

Cost of Retreat:   $125 (includes all presentations, light breakfast, lunch)


Payment can be made below using PayPal OR your debit/credit card.  Checks can be mailed to:

Rev. Normandi Ellis, 318 Eastern Dr., Chesterfield, IN 46017.

Questions:  Contact (317) 508-5042

or (765) 606-7119