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The Great Lakes Retreat

If you are looking for a place for spiritual development and fellowship, a place to relax and experience a week full of lectures, workshops, music, drumming, auctions, healing experiences and more, then this is the place for you!

I am very excited about this year's program, and hope you will be able to join me. The Great Lakes Retreat has been meeting every summer at Olivet College, for over 30 years. Each year their goal is to offer a high quality, week-long program for a reasonable price. 

I'll be teaching a different workshop each day and presenting a well as participating in the Healing Service and Variety Show and you KNOW you don't want to miss those!


Come see me at this weeklong workshop: The Quest for Ancient Egypt and its Magic

The Ancient Egyptian Timeline

The history of Egypt is vast and we’ll learn how to draw inspiration from stories and lives of those in the past…Queens, pharaohs, priests, builders, and lovers. Timeless stories for us today

Osiris and the Underworld

We’ll explore what death meant to the ancients and dive into our own beliefs and rituals. We’ll also learn about the different theological centers of Egypt, what they meant to the ancients and ways in which these neteru were accessed in the lives of the ancients every day. Let your soul speak to you as you write your own scripts for your personal Book of Coming Forth by Day

Ma’at: A Life in Balance and Truth

We’ll discover more about this powerful Goddess of Balance, her symbols, and take a look at the 42 Laws of Ma’at and her meaning in our life. Come discover your feather of truth

Khnum, Layers of Time and the Pyramids

The power of pyramids...healing, monuments, power sources, and the layers of your own healing deep inside your body. We’ll talk about the various pyramid complexes and their deeper meanings, as well as the texts hidden inside.

Isis and Hathor, Temple Practices

We’ll look at ancient practices and ritual as well as modern ceremony and how they mirror each other. We’ll also experience the power of Isis and Hathor in a personal way through music and sound for healing

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