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To See the Light: Benefit Concert Performance

Spend an evening listening to the mystical sounds of the harp as they reach gently into your heart and soul creating more space for you to breathe, to surrender, to let go, to heal.  Listen to the stories of the ancient ones of Egypt and the songs that dance from the strings reminding you that you are also a Divine Being and that we are all one and in this thing called Life together.

While it is true that we are all Divine by nature, not everyone feels their divinity or sees the light within themselves that make them unique and special.  One of the ways we can show someone their light and their beauty is by taking their photograph.  Not everyone has the opportunity to have their portrait taken and this is where Help-Portrait Indianapolis comes in.  

Every year, all around the world, professional photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists come together to offer their services and provide FREE portraits to those in need….people in need of a light, to see the light in themselves, and to see the light that others recognize in them.

My offering of music during this performance is to not only help you feel closer to your own light and the love of the Universe, but to bring much needed funds to Help-Portrait Indianapolis to keep providing a truly beautiful, memorable, and meaningful experience to people in need in my hometown.  Visit for more information about this incredible event

Date: Sunday, June 24, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm