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Unleash your creativity & the healing power of photography

  • Roberts Camera Downtown Indianapolis, IN (map)

Unleash your creativity & the healing power of photography

with A. Auset Rohn @ Roberts Camera Downtown, Indianapolis, IN

Two-week workshop $99

January 25th and February 1 OR March 7th and 14th 

Register at:


  • How to tune in to your Self or others to find a story or mood to express

  • How to fine-tune your vision by using a story/vision board

  • How to let go of “rules” and let your inner rebel out (if that’s what feels right)

  • Post-processing ideas to consider in your final image

  • On-site practice and practical tips to get started

  • At home assignment to share for the second week of class

  • Create personal projects to keep your creativity alive and thriving and be a part of a growing community of creatives


During the winter months it can be easy to fall into a rut of staying inside, staying warm, and waiting for spring.  You can get stagnant in your thinking, your daily habits, and your zest for things you usually really enjoy.  


This workshop will give you the inspiration you need to brighten up your winter months and create some unique images that tell a story and express a feeling....because your creativity needs to express itself already. 


Join photographer and visual artist A. Auset Rohn for a fun, inspirational approach to using your camera to capture you, your moods and a story, possibly your own story.  She’ll show you how to use your camera as crucial Vitamin D to your creative mind and way of thinking about visual art and expression.  

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See her photographs and work at

Instagram:  @the_artistic_life_of_auset

Instagram:  @amyausetrohn


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