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Egypt Tour: Zep Tepi ~ An Opening into Time

Known to the Ancient Egyptians as “The First Time”, Zep Tepi symbolizes all that is potential, all that is possible, and all that emerges from the watery depths of our own subconscious to stand on a mound of creation, as the God Atum emerged from the waters of the Nun.  It’s a time of great celebration and birth, a time of rebirth and celebration as if it were the “first time” once again. To the ancients, there was no end to the possibility of beginnings.

Join Priestesses of Isis Normandi Ellis and A. Auset Rohn as they guide you through time eternal to experience Egypt at the beginning.  Listen to the stories of creation and begin to create and recreate your own story, where your beginning emerges in celebration of you.  

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Registration opens in January 2020…sign up to be the first to know and get in on this incredible experience! Limited to 14