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I’m so happy you’re here! Use the link below to download your FREE audio of my lecture from the Great Lakes Retreat 2019 and then be sure to let me know how it helped you align with your Feather of Truth AND your core desired feelings!!!

Need the book? It’s here, too, because making life altering changes is a Big Thing and I want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Need to dream BIGGER? Let’s go to Egypt together….check out the link below and I’ll see you there!

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Your FREE audio

In this lecture I talk about the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians in the afterlife and how it affected their lives. I talk about vision quests, the TV series, Naked & Afraid, and how I found my own Feather of Truth during my separation and ending of my 20 year marriage.

I also share a personal story of my epic adventure and ways in which you can begin to create your life to be the life you love.

At the end, I offer a harp meditation with the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at and the God Thoth.

It’s soooo yummy….enjoy!

Let me know how it helped YOU!!!


The Desire Map

Here it is….that book that changed my life and the way I perceived my world. It goes beyond Bucket Lists and your life’s ambitions into something deeper…more meaningful….more powerful.

It gets you to your Core Desired Feelings which is your Feather of Truth. It’s where you WANT to be but forgot the way for a little while.

It’s the map to the places you forgot.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate and get a little extra love when you purchase, BUT even if I weren’t, it would STILL be on this page offered to you. It’s that good!

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Wanna dream BIGGER?!

If you’d like to try my words and Core Desired Feelings and come with me to experience Egypt, then let’s do this thing!

We’ll be going in March 2021

It’s the Zep Tepi tour….what the Ancients called “The First Time”. Even if it’s not your first time to go to Egypt, there are endless ways of beginning. If it IS your first time, well, the opportunity awaits!

I can’t WAIT to see you there!

Use the button below to get on the list for more information and to know when registration opens January 2020.

Limited to 14 and it will fill up fast