A Walk with Nature

A Walk with Nature

It's been a week and life is crazy sometimes.  All one can do is embrace it with open arms and savor all the goodness and memories that are being made.

Sometimes that means we fall together.  Sometimes that means we fall apart. Sometimes that means we take a walk and find ourselves or maybe just bits and pieces here and there but we begin to feel more grounded and whole, little by little, step by step, day by day.

This past weekend I found something wonderful and a place to just be in the stillness of the evening not too far from where I live.  I found Longhorns!  The farm is beautiful and rolling and there are stands of trees here and there.  The cows themselves are such quiet and beautiful souls.

I don't know whose farm it is but I have parked in the adjacent drive to get out and walk a bit up the fenceline and capture the moment.  I play with the settings, set up my composition, and feel...everything.  It is a creative and cathartic process that makes my heart so very happy.

It is not just the creative process I love.  It is the moment itself.  The stillness. The warmth of the sun and the kiss of the breeze and the sound of the bells that all the cows wear.

I couldn't help but to think it  was a field full of Hathors in the flesh.  And when one sweet girl took notice of me and slowly walked up to me at the fence my heart was touched.  I wanted to climb the fence and hug her out of gratitude for her soft visit.    

The sun was sinking closer to the horizon and I didn't want to leave but I knew I would be back and that made leaving that much easier, just to savor the sweetness of my return.


Then I took a walk in Nature.  Through the quiet woods at dusk.  Finding myself at the edge of the water.  Not recognizing my reflection....but it didn't make me feel uncomfortable.  It was a face of change.  A face with searching eyes and a comforting smile.  Perhaps it was a future Self.  Perhaps it was me in this moment.  It didn't matter.

We stood together in stillness at the edge of the water and watched the sky above change colors and hues gently as if an invisible talented artist skillfully whisked her brush against the canvas.  Geese and ducks chatted across the water and the wind whispered through the leafless trees and the ripples laughed against the shore and the moon smiled.

The stillness, the colors, the trees, the water, the birds, the breeze, the sun and the moon....I soaked it all in and felt it move into the tight places of fear and confusion and bring a sense of calm.

I didn't want to leave but I knew I would be back and that I would find my way back to myself again and again.  

I would remember my way.

And so will you.