Connecting with Nekhbet-Mut

Last week Lot's wife, Miriam, visited me with some very special messages about looking back.  I loved her energy, her passion and her compassionate heart as she shared her story with me.

This week I have enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian goddess Mut and discovering more about her.  I have been feeling her actually for almost 3 years now and she initially shared this course with me that I am just now getting put together.  It is as if she has lit a fire in my soul and I am feeling a surge of energy as the information is coming in and I am following her guidance.

Lot's wife, Miriam, shared last week that it was important to realize that there is a time and place for looking back and Mut is telling me that NOW is the time to prepare for that.  She is sharing with me wisdom in the astrological event of Mercury Retrograde and how that pertains to our healing opportunities throughout the year.

She is sharing with me the areas in which to focus and how each of those areas pertain to aspects of her story, the story of Nekhbet and to Amun, the husband of Mut.  It is such a beautiful story and there is so much to share I feel almost as if I am putting together an entire little book of magic.  It is like I am going back in time and soaring in that space between Then and Now and There and Here.

All I can really say is that it is powerful alchemy.  It is simply magic and that I am pouring all of me into these preparations to share everything with you in this upcoming course.

Nekhbet and Mut are vulture goddesses and this is their biggest tie to the past...they seek out and consume the parts of life that have fallen away, died, and are left to rot and stink if left out in the sun unattended and cleaned up.  Working with them means going into those areas that may seem to be unpleasant but there is so much healing, so much growth and so many blessings to be had by seeking these experiences out.  Miriam suggests taking everything you experience in this self-exploration with a grain of salt...purify yourself fully and become strong like a pillar.

Sending you so much love...