Edge of the Dark Forest

The Edge of the Dark Forest

The light on the tall faces of trees beckoned and I could suddenly feel the coolness of the grass, wet with morning rain on my bare feet.  There was a pounding in my chest that quickened with each eager step until it rang in my ears.  Behind their tall faces stood the Darkness but I was not afraid.  I had been there before, like Alice down the rabbit hole, and it was inevitable that I should stand here again.  

Perhaps I only needed to visit this place again, to stand at the edge of Darkness and remember...or forget...or something in between.  It wasn't as if there were more answers now,  just fewer unanswered questions.

There was something so intriguing about the Darkness, though...sensual, alluring, mysterious.  I wondered if I could find my way in the dark with my eyes closed.  I closed my eyes and reached out to touch the soft, velvety warmth of the Darkness and she moved and purred between my fingers.  I remembered the richness of her depths -- those secret places in the heart that beat with mine.  I breathed it in, that lovely Darkness and felt her embrace.  This was the home of the Mysteries of self-discovery.

The velvety softness, the purring, the embracing, the two hearts that beat as one.  We both sighed as I pulled my hand back and kissed my own fingertips, the scent of her perfume lingering there like soft cotton sheets.  

With my eyes still closed I could see the Light shining in the tall faces of the trees and it seemed to shine brighter and shimmer enticingly.  And then the Light took my hand and asked me to dance.  I felt her rough cheeks like bark against my face as she leaned in close to ask me again and smelled the dusk dripping from her leaves.  There was a coolness to her touch that was both comforting and refreshing like lemonade in the heat of long summer days.

I let the Light pull me in close and we danced...

            at the edge of the Darkness...

                 and all was well.

We danced until we were One.  I was Darkness.  I was Light.  

I was all that I had experienced and everything that I hadn't yet felt.

And as we danced I knew I was



to be and not to be and everything

in between.