Goddesses and Vaginas

The beginning

2015...bittersweet for me....deaths in the family and separation.  Those things hit me hard, and still hit hard with sucker punches every now and then.   The good stuff?  There is that, too...Beginning this newsletter, putting together my classes, working in earnest with my Egyptian family of Gods and Goddesses, being touched by the guidance of the Universe in my work and travel opportunities, being invited into the Pyramid of Unas and the mysteries of the hieroglyphs, living and breathing Isis.  

The "good stuff" list is longer than the harder stuff but why is it so difficult to stay focused on the good stuff?  Human nature, I suppose, but it is our Divine nature that helps us to remember our way back to ourselves when we get lost along the way.  Ringing in the New Year for me, alone at my little apartment, I was initially sad to be alone but then calm and okay.  

I love movies and decided to find something good to watch.  I found one called "Ghost Town" with Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear, and Téa Leoni about a man who, after dying for 7 minutes during a routine colonoscopy, begins to see ghosts and is haunted into realizing that he needs to care about others more than he does.  I loved it...definitely recommend it...but I digress........

Goddesses and Vaginas

Then I looked for another and after scrolling through the movie list for quite a long time came across The Vagina Monologues.  This month, Mother Nature's monthly gift was especially tiresome for me and I decided to ring in the New Year celebrating this part of me that goes everywhere I go and teaches me more about myself every time I decide to go ahead and listen to her.  

The past few weeks I have been working in earnest on the material for the Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Nekhbet-Mut course and the final week's material as it progressed came as a bit of a surprise, and it fits right along with my watching The Vagina Monologues.  Sounds like a strange thing, right, but that is how it works for me in my world.  As I said in the beginning, I wasn't really sure what to share with you all this week in the Diaries.  I was working with Mut and Amun for the course and tonight she and Amun told me what to share with you all and I will do my best to convey it clearly.

The third week's material in Navigating Mercury Retrograde is centered around Mut and Amun's guidance in Relationships and Intimacy and actually it has been a week of preparation that I have sort of been avoiding putting together with all the conflict and emotion I have around this in my own life. But they are patient and persistent and so I began again a few days ago.  There are probably more questions I have for them than answers at this point but that is okay...that is what the course is about, too...being willing to listen to the questions and go deeper...to ask the questions that you don't want to ask because you know that right now you don't have the answers.  Amun began to come through with information on his portion of the material and pointed out how he created the world.

He masturbated.

Well, THIS was taking a different direction than I initially thought it would!  It was a direction that I felt very excited and comfortable diving into and presenting as something to explore in the course because of my own journey.  I know it is a highly sensitive subject for some yet it can also be extremely liberating for these same individuals to begin to think about differently.  

Masturbation.  Self pleasure.  What great ways to explore this subject with Mut and Amun! Homework you won't mind participating in, right?

Then tonight I was led to The Vagina Monologues. Perfect timing...so much to explore in the course as far as vaginas, relationships and intimacy are concerned.  I know that I do have some men who subscribe to my emails, and there was the thought that ran through my head,

"I wonder if anyone has approached men to talk about their penises and their feelings about it and their experiences in the same way that women have opened up and begun to ask/have conversations about vaginas."

Yes. Yes, they have.  I haven't had a good chance to really see anything super recent, but it has been done and I think it would be equally as fascinating.  

The Goddesses are always with you and...if you have a vagina, it is always with you, too!   ;)