Hieroglyphs, Music and Magic

This past week has been such a perfect, healing trip for me.  As I mentioned vaguely in my last mailing, life has been filled with waves that I have had to ride through and part of that has been due to death in the family and the transformation and separation in my almost 19 year marriage.  As of right now, I am still very uncertain about how that is all going to turn out but through all the tough times, the Universe has been kind to me and brought me to some wonderful people along the way to support me and give me hope and courage...courage to continue to be myself and follow my heart.  This past week has been just that.

The morning I left for Chicago I first went to pick up the keys to my new apartment.  I spent a little time inside that empty space contemplating what my life was going to be like in 11 days and feeling grateful for the opportunity to 'run away' and fill up emotionally before having to move my things from my farm into a new home.  I was determined to focus on the moment and to listen to whatever guidance Isis had in store for me...the rest could wait.

I traveled with fellow Priestess of Isis and writer Normandi Ellis.  She taught her classes on the Medju Neter (the class she will be presenting at the Women of Spirit weekend in November) and Hieroglyphic Thinking and incorporated our work and discoveries with the Pyramid Text of Unas into the material.  One of the things she loves about me is my gift of taking a name and putting it to music on my harp and so she asked if I would play some of the names of the hieroglyphs during her classes.  That turned out to be really beautiful.

In the meantime, I was feeling the increased presence of Unas himself, dreaming of being inside his pyramid looking at the glyphs on the walls around me and feeling the energy of the message there.  His presence was becoming intimate and loving and familiar and the portion of the text we were working on, which described Unas being bound to his Akashic Records and becoming one with the cycle of rebirth through lifetimes and the cycle of rebirth through the body of Atum, the sun god, Osiris, and Horus, pulled me in close, too.  All of that started to work inside of my heart and within my cells and I knew I had to put that experience of Unas into music.

I mapped out the notes and sat with it one afternoon then worked on it for maybe a half an hour or so.  It was absolutely beautiful and I was loving it.  That night in a circle I played it for others and in the next few days played it again for other classes and circles and each time it wound itself tighter around my heart and soul...and I felt like I was falling in love.  Such a beautiful story of becoming!  (I'll talk more on the text in upcoming mailings as we work on the translations and experiences take place).  I felt so grateful and blessed.

During our first evenings with the song of the Pyramid Text of Unas I had someone ask if I would do their name in the same way and that began my readings for the rest of the week.  I did Soul Song Readings ... I mapped out the notes of their names, we talked about things going on in their lives, and I played their song.  It was an experience I was not expecting but one that I thoroughly enjoyed as it brought me back to my harp, which I had been feeling an urge to do the past few months.  It brought me back in a very special and magical way.

Along the way I met a fellow musician, photographer and lover of Egypt in Chicago, Ray Grasse. He is also a very talented and insightful astrologer with a few books under his belt, a few cd's out and articles which appear regularly in the Mountain Astrologer magazine.  He and Normandi talked astrology over lunch one day and then we talked music and photography...and Egypt came up, of course!  We then noticed that the television in the restaurant was showing a program on the History Channel on Egypt!  Coincidence?  I think not!  :)  

The magic this week happened in the texts, the hieroglyphs, the emergence of music and the connections made with like-minded souls.  I just need to harness that magic and keep it close inside my heart as I return and prepare to move.  As a sweet friend used to tell me, "Everything will be okay." 

I'm going to hold her to that!