Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Today is a lovely, perfectly rainy day.  I have been hard at work for the past week and a half (truly!) and it is nice to sit here and muse a bit this afternoon...windows open, grey skies, the chirps of a Canadian Goose family at my back porch.  A perfect afternoon for reflecting.

Mostly there is a lot going on in this head of mine and this particular entry in the Goddess Diaries may look a bit scattered, but sometimes that is what diaries are all about. Just sitting with your unruly thoughts and letting them run around a bit, not necessarily going anywhere but just going and working themselves out.

I tend to be an Out-of-the-Box thinker and do-er....enjoy this entry and please...if you have a mind that is feeling a bit scattered or frazzled or just a little hyper-active, feel free to sit down and write it all out and send it to me.  At the very least, enjoy the freedom of sitting and writing it all out.  Sometimes it just needs the attention to settle itself down and sort things out.  :)


So, while I was at the Pyramid Conference in Chicago I had my picture taken with Eli, the sweetest camel I have ever met....okay, so he's the FIRST camel I have ever met, but hey....he was very sweet!  We met in Chicago out in the parking lot of a hotel and he was all hugs and kisses right away.  He was very tall but didn't seem to mind coming down to meet me on my not-so-tall level.  My dear friend, Normandi, captured us together like a good paparazzi friend and now I have this image forever!


About two weeks ago now, I was the event photographer for the 2016 Global Pyramid Conference in Northbrook, IL just north of Chicago.  There were about 23 speakers with various areas of expertise on the power of pyramids, numerous vendors with lots to share, as well as a room for healing, readings, and a large pyramid to sit in.  The energy it takes as a photographer is so different from the energy and mindset of teaching and doing readings...it's creative and being aware and being in the right place at the right time and anticipating just where exactly that might be.  It's looking at your speaker to make sure there is no tip of the large copper pyramid behind them sticking precariously out of the top of their head in the shot. It is capturing them while they are speaking but not capturing them with their mouths open or their eyes half-shut.  

It's a lot to think about but it was great fun!  I am hoping that there will be a second event next year...the caliber of speakers was intense and so much to soak in with each presentation!  Truly worth it, so keep it in mind if it is planned again for next year.  I'll keep you posted!

While I was there I took the opportunity to sit inside a 4 foot copper tubing pyramid.  Wow!  You really can feel the energy within your body start to react to the energy of the pyramid!  I wanted to stay there longer than I had time for but it was enough to energize me, as I was working long days and not getting much sleep.  Since I have been struggling with a few of my plants I decided to get a small one for my little tree.  I call it my Jager Tree because when it was at the farm our little kitten Jager used to climb it and chew on the leaves.  I brought it with me to my apartment and couldn't decide if I was watering it too much or not enough.  I stood in front of it one day just sort of asking what it might need and I felt it needed to be repotted into a larger pot.

I came home, went shopping for the perfect pot for her, repotted her, and set the copper pyramid inside the roomier space. She looks happier, I think.

Meeting John Edward

As I've shared in a few of my previous emails, my mediumship has really been going off the charts (in my book) the past few months so when I got the postcard that John Edward was coming to Indy, I felt that I had to go.  I didn't feel like I needed to go to get a reading, although that would be nice, but I needed to just let the experience move through me and act as a catalyst of some sort.  When I got my ticket, I did the whole shebang...VIP tickets to get there early, stay late, meet him long enough for a quick picture and then let it all sit.  They STILL have not posted the pictures from that night on the site, yet, but I'll share it once it is available.  

I thought about asking someone to go with me but felt like I really needed to go by myself, not sure why but I just trusted.  While I was at the event a Reiki student of mine walked by.  I recognized her but couldn't place her.  Later that evening she called my name as I walked by and reintroduced herself.  Since I've been doing so many readings I meet so many people and I am in a very altered state at the time...so while I may recognize people, I can't always remember where I know them from or where we met or even their name.  We went to eat after and some of the synchronicities of why we were there and that we were there to see each other...just amazing!  Our mediumship that was calling us out, that unexplained connection I have with Steve Irwin and the message from her so timely and out of the blue telling me about her meditation, our journey with John himself (unbeknown to him, I'm sure), finding out that his daughter was WITH Terri and Steve's family THAT night for Steve's fundraising gala....yeah.  I know!!!

All of that to say....listen!  Listen to those little nudgings that you get.  They are these magical little breadcrumbs sometimes that you follow and things get tied together in these amazing you-can't-make-this-stuff-up ways!  The nudgings sometimes are very very subtle so it's important to take the time to work on your intuition, pay attention to how your body feels, and notice how thoughts feel when you have them.  Sometimes it is more than just a thought of your own...it is divine guidance.  It may not all make sense at once but it will be the validation you need that you are on the right path and that you are meeting the people you need to be meeting and you are making connections that need to be made to get you moving forward in your life, whatever direction that may be.

Going to Istanbul

In just a few short months it will be November and Thanksgiving and....I'm finally going to Egypt!!  I have been called by this magical place for years and this year is the year.  I'll be 47...an 11...a good age to go, I think.  While planning flights, I was noticing that quite a few go through Istanbul, Turkey.  It was one of those things that just sort of hit me and I thought I should maybe check out the city a bit.  A while back, Russell Crowe directed and starred in a movie called The Water Diviner, the story of a man in search of his sons lost in the battle of Gallipoli in WW2.  Much of the movie was shot on location and I was struck by the ancient beauty of that place.

Soooo, I've located my hotel on the sea and a tour that will take me to Gallipoli but wanted a small travel guide on the city.  I found one at the used bookstore and when the cashier rang it up, he said, "That will be $11.22."  As I walked out of the store it hit me!  11.22  A good number, too, I think!  I joke around with my friends about these Angel numbers and that they all seem to mean "The angels are with you."  I think it's true!

I'll have my cameras in tow and extra memory cards along to capture all the magic of Egypt and Turkey this winter...and there will be lots to share!

Living Life

Along with my teaching and mediumship, my photography is going places (or at least getting noticed) and my music is expanding as well.  I have a wedding to play for at the Indiana State House, an art exhibit for First Fridays in Terre Haute in August, and...the list keeps growing!  

I am staying open.  I am asking for "This or something better."  I am staying aware and noticing what doors are opening for me and which ones are closing.  Not to say life is all butterflies and unicorns and cupcakes and rainbows...but all of these validations add up and make the struggles just a part of the texture of Life.

I hope that you are enjoying life, the ups and downs and the good and the bad and everything in between.