The Importance of Shutting it All Out

The weekend workshop in Chicago was wonderful and the concert pushed me a little out of my comfort zone but it was worth it.  I sang!!  Unheard of!!  It was sweet and epic and magical.

I was reminded of today's topic recently and wanted to share with you a little more about what it is like to be a psychic medium, whether you are just curious to know what is going on in our heads as we sit there across the table from you or on the other end of the phone or if you are working on your own abilities.  Having some insight is always helpful.  :)

This life is so magical and we are so blessed.  Always remember that.

When you do this sort of work it has to come from a place of Presence.  You have to shut out the ego and thinking about WHO it is that you are reading.  You have to shut out all the previous experiences with that client as much as possible to keep TODAY'S reading pure and untainted. You have to forget for a while that your heart is breaking or that you are tired or that you are hungry.  You have to shut out other Grape Vine news about your client and simply meet them where they are, with you, in that moment of time.  You have to do all of these things to be able to connect with the Universe and your Guides and their loved ones who have crossed over in the best and most loving and most beneficial way possible.

This ability does not take place overnight.  It is something you work on and over time it gets better.

Once I had to read for a large party in the midst of personal trauma and emotional instability.  I drove there asking Isis to speak through me, to help me hear what I was supposed to share with each person, and to give me strength to forget myself for a few hours.  It was one of the best parties I ever read for...not just from my perspective, but from the hostess who exclaimed after I read each person,  "That is amazing!"

Sometimes it is important to shut out other people's opinions of your client.  Perhaps they heard that you were going to give them a reading and you were "warned"...this client was uncooperative, angry, tough to read, going through a lot in their life, lost a loved one, etc, yadda yadda yadda.  In reality, none of that is relevant to the messages you need to give to this person.  They are here with you, holding their soul in their hand and wearing their heart on their sleeves and swallowing their feelings all jammed up in their throats.

During my readings, I actually don't tend to look at my client much in the first few minutes.  This is not because I have social anxiety or am weird about anything, I just want to listen...listen to my client's soul talking, listen to my guides guiding my words, listen to the voices of their loved ones who want to come through.  I don't want to look at them and base my reading on any of their reactions.  It has to stay pure.

I truly don't know how to explain how I know what I know.  Some readers doodle and make notes, some use cards, some hold a crystal, some go into trance....there are a myriad of ways to connect to Spirit as you give a reading.  I use my Anubis Oracle cards to guide me and I absolutely LOVE them!  They are simply a gateway for me to access the information.  I look at the cards and listen to the messages.  I tap into the invisible realms and receive pictures and feelings and information...someone who passed suddenly, someone who shows me them standing on the front porch in their Sunday best, bicycles in the driveway, names come through like Tom, Dick, and Harry (seriously, that was one of my most memorable and fun readings!!)

If you are a psychic/medium or working on these gifts, be sure that you have a strong connection to your Guides, can separate from what you consciously know as a human about your client, and meet them where they are, with you, in that moment.  Doing this will make your work more meaningful because you will be able to share exactly what they need to hear.  

And they will thank you for it.