The License Plate Game

You remember that game as a kid on long road trips, right? The goal was to find a license plate from each state and then peace was established in the backseat!

I have been working, let me better describe this...I have been IMMERSED with the Goddess Mut and while thinking about her I knew she was thinking about me and guiding me so much.  

And then I saw her...there She was!!!  

Right there on that license plate!!!

How absolutely crazy pants amaze-balls is that?!!

That being said, you just KNOW this class is going to be powerful, right!  It truly is one of the biggest things I have undertaken the past few years and it feels so good to be unearthing her wisdom and pulling out nuggets and treasures of truth from the spaces inside her buried temple.  

The Signs

The Universe will find creative ways to communicate with you and it is just a matter of learning to look for them and to understand their meaning. This example of mine above is just one of the ways I was being guided...the beautiful motherly Goddess Mut was letting me know that I was fulfilling my purpose, that I was doing the right things, that I was doing well, that she was there with me and that everything was going to be okay.  

Sometimes you will see numbers repeatedly or animals or angels or butterflies or pennies or smell flowers or smoke or bacon at just the precise moment you are deep in thought about someone or something. Look at what these things mean to you and if you need confirmation or help trusting your intuition, you can always Google it or look it up the old fashioned way by being led to a book on a shelf.

Our guides communicate with us.  Our deceased loved one communicate with us.  Our family of angels and goddesses and Ancient Egyptian Neteru communicate with us.  

The biggest reason is because we are not alone and these loving spirits want to remind us of that.  They want to let us know that we are loved. That we are always connected.  That there is magic all around us and that there is so much to be grateful for and so much that we don't yet see.  

In my readings sometimes loved ones come through and those are such special experiences for both me and my clients.  So many times they come through with information that happened AFTER they passed to let their loved ones know that they are watching over the family still and know about special events in their lives.  So many times they show me intimate moments of caring for comatose/unconscious loved ones to let them know that they appreciated having had their brow stroked or their hand held, especially when the attending loved one wasn't sure that they knew what was happening.

Begin to think about some of the things that you see on a regular basis and begin to put the pieces together on what that message is for you.  Is it a loved one trying to tell you they know what you are going through?  Is it your guides trying to get you to make that phone call?  Is it the Universe helping you to see that you are ready to move forward?

A Personal Sign

My newly framed 1923 print of Margaret Wilson, my ancestor who was martyred for her faith in 1685 during the Scottish Revolution.  She hangs on my bedroom wall to remind me that I can get through whatever life hands me and to be strong.  A good sign to see every day

Hawks are seen by many and are a wonderful sign from the Universe!  They are protectors, healers, and guides and love to remind us of the strength and resilience of our inner spirit

Look around you at the signs....the Universe is telling you something!