The Unknown and Beyond

The message

You know the much that surrounds you seems to be in the air and unsettled, flying endlessly in that sea of blue and grey sky looking for a place to land, to settle, to just BE.  But everything below looks like a place it would rather not touch down and so it just keeps flying and looking and hoping not knowing with certainty when or where that will be or what it will look like once it gets there.  How will it know?

So I stood at the counter at the metaphysical store where I offer readings once a week and pulled a card.  

"The Unknown: 

Do not fear the unknown.  This is a time of deep exploration and transformation.  Unfamiliar territory leads to new horizons."

Again, it goes right back to


Trust that when life hits you hard that you will have the strength to get back up.  Trust that everything that is being stripped away is simply making room for all the blessings the Universe has in store for you.  Trust that yes, you did sign up for's in your Akashic Records...the good times, the bad times, the blissful and excruciatingly awful times and everything in between.  Trust that you signed up for it all because you knew you had what it would take to get through it and soar.

The Unknown

Probably the biggest fear surrounding the Unknown is just is unknown and there is no security there without a visible net.  Even when things are begging you to change them it is easier many times to continue with what you have that is making you uncomfortable because you know what that feels like.  You can count on those disappointments and you know what it will take to deal with them.

With the Unknown and "deep exploration and transformation" there is no familiar territory.  Yes, that can be frightening and scare the shit out of you.  You are human...that's normal.

Explorers and adventurers are also normal, did you stop to think about that?  They have lives and turmoil and bliss and happiness and hopes and dreams...and they go out there every day looking for them.  

LOOKING for them

And at the risk of repeating myself and quoting the timeless wisdom of the poet Rumi,

"What you seek is seeking you." wonderful!  In the midst of the Unknown where you are reaching out and calling out for someone....anyone...that someone and that something are also in the darkness reaching out and looking for you.

You are not alone.

You will find that light at the end of your tunnel of transformation.  Hang on and trust.  Head into the Unknown as the greatest explorer of the Land of Yourself in the best way that you know how...even if it is crying and holding on to bits and remnants of your familiar past go there.

Go there.

It's still a moment and listen....