Wisdom on the Mat

The past few years I have reconnected with my yoga practice in a much more dedicated way because I can feel the difference it makes in my life...in my body and in my mind.  Even one time a week keeps me in touch which is amazing to me.

This past week I was sitting there on my mat at the beginning of class and the teacher asked us to perhaps consider something we would like to dedicate our practice to that day.  A few days ago I moved through my asanas for another to hold space for them as they moved through some tough times in their life but on this day, once she suggested a dedication a Voice inside quickly responded,

"To be strong within myself"

WOW!  I sat there rather stunned...it came in so loud and clear and without any thought of my own or contemplation on what my practice should be about that day.  

And so I said, "Okay."  What else could I say?!

The thing is, if you start listening to your body and let it talk to you, not only can you tap into ways to physically feel better but ways to find wholeness and wellness in your spirit.  Your intuition opens and you can begin to live a life that feels more in touch with more of you than you thought was possible.  Let me tell you, though, it is not always easy because sometimes your body in all it's wisdom will tell you things you will not want to do and things that you will not want to listen to!  But, they are things that will bring you happiness and a balanced sense of self if you will just simply say, "Okay".

The next few days I struggled with patterns that kept me feeling stuck, patterns that I really needed to move out of to make myself stronger...so that I could be "Strong within myself".  I have let myself cry it out.  I have let myself sleep and stay in my jammies.  I have let myself go out with my camera and do the things I wished I had time for. I have let myself play my harp at 6 in the morning because it called to me.

And slowly I began to feel it....really feel that I was getting "Strong within myself" and it has been both wonderful and scary!  In talking to one of myIntuitive Spiritual Coaching clients this week we discussed this process of moving out of patterns that hold us back and that keep us from feeling our best...our best about ourselves and our best about our life reflecting what we want it to be like.  Sometimes we get really used to feeling sad or having problems or being the victim in our lives and when we get strong we suddenly have these little "freak-out" moments inside where everything inside says, "Wait a minute!  I don't know how to feel this way!"  and we slip back into previous thought and behavior patterns because, even if they are not serving our highest good, they are familiar and comfortable because we know how to deal with the uncomfortable-ness.   

Don't worry if you have days that you don't feel strong...start from that moment and go forward.  You will have "freak out" moments but move through them gently and with time, you will find that you have longer moments between them and you will feel stronger for longer periods of time.  We each have an Inner Strength muscle and it can get tired.  Give it time to build up.  

Most importantly, know that you are not alone.