Your Dream Life

There is so much out there online and in bookstores about dreaming and following your dreams and making your life the life of your dreams and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!  I support all of that whole-heartedly!  

What I want to talk to you about here today, however, is your dream life ...the dreams you have while you sleep.  Dreams are one of the ways we process things that are happening in our lives that we are either focused on or things that we try to NOT focus on and avoid.  At some point these things need to be dealt with and our bodies, in their infinite wisdom, bring these to us in our sleep when we are less likely to protest!  They bring these things to us when we are less likely to get in our own way and let our emotions cloud the issue.

Dreams have symbolism and while there are a myriad of books out there about what dreams mean, it is important to take each of these pre-determined meanings with a grain of salt.  Perhaps there is a different meaning for YOU based on your experiences and background.

One of the things to pay attention to is not just what you dream but when.  I tend to dream more during a New Moon, when things are quiet in the sky, when there is more darkness and more stars can be seen.  Perhaps that is why I love the "dark" goddesses so much...Lilith and Nephthys.  We are keepers of the Dark Mysteries and sisters within the Void.

I also tend to have words come to me more feverishly during the times of the New Moon.  The words in the sidebar came during a New Moon ... words that wouldn't let me sleep until I got up and wrote them down.

Notice your dreams and what you dream but also begin to keep track of WHEN you are dreaming.  Write things down, keep your journal and follow that voice inside during your own cycles.  

I look forward to New Moon nights and the stillness and the way the Universe speaks to me during this time.  It is like a secret meeting place that binds our hearts together.  Once you begin to notice your own rhythms and cycles of dreaming and writing, you will begin to look forward to them, too.

Meant to Dream

"We were meant to dream

To touch each other

and the stars


To love in such a way

that our hearts are

filled to bursting


We were meant to live

in a place under the sky where dreams can come true  


And this is Life...

To dream,

to touch,

to feel,

to love,

to live wild and free





Sending you so much love...