Dreaming in Egypt

On my first night in Egypt I went to bed in awe of the reality of sleeping in the shadow of the Pyramids.  Oh, my gosh I was here!!!  I was actually HERE!!!  This place of sand and temples and mysticism that had somehow touched me so deeply and so personally from so far away... somehow.  Unexplainable but truly and undeniably real.  

My roomie was already in bed and I whispered my apologies as I tried to get ready for bed in the darkened room.  I was sure the darkness could not contain my excitement but I did my best to keep it reined in.

I stood there at the window of my third-floor hotel room staring at the dark silhouettes of the Pyramids just beyond the pools and the lounge chairs below as a way to try to soak in the reality of it all.  I wanted the sight of them and the staring at them to just burn the scene into my eyeballs forever.  

I crawled into bed and laid there soaking in exactly what it felt like to be in Egypt so far from home.  How did my legs feel?  How did my skin feel?  What did it smell like?  What did it sound like?  Although the air was thick with smog and sand and exhaust from all the traffic that jammed and honked and snaked its way along the street, it was also thick with memories and wisdom and mystery.  Soon I was asleep and entered the dream state where Egypt wasted no time talking to me.

The Dream:  

Two scorpions crawled up my leg while I was lying down and I heard her voice say, "We're here to get you.  We've come to get you."

When I awoke, her voice kept ringing through my head and I knew it was a visit.  There is an Egyptian scorpion Goddess named Selket who is a protector goddess and although I could remember part of her story, I couldn't piece it together completely.  When we went to breakfast and I saw Normandi I told her about my dream and that I knew it was Selket but was trying to remember her stories.  I knew that she protected Isis and that she was sent out by Isis to protect her son, Horus, as well as being sent out on a search and rescue type of mission by Isis.  Normandi related her story to me.

She said that while Isis was being held captive in the tower by her brother Set and forced to weave gold that it was Selket who crawled under the door and said to her, "I am here to get you."  Tears welled up in my eyes...I dreamed her story and being here in the shadow of the Pyramids opened up that memory for me.  She had been a part of calling me home and also was there to protect me during my stay.

Sometimes things like this happen for me in my dreams and every time it does, it is still something that takes my breath away and makes me feel so loved, blessed, and guided by the Universe.  I can't help but to think that I am walking some sort of larger picture destiny that I just don't see fully yet but that I know I am a part of.

A few days later we were heading to the desert of Sakkara and to the Pyramid of Unas.  This was a very exciting development for me as I had been on a journey into the text of this ancient pyramid and just a few weeks before our trip the Pyramid of Unas opened up to visitors after being closed for 20 years!  The timing of my trip to Egypt was most certainly guided!

When I began translating this text Normandi chose a text that talked about Unas' destiny.  How he carried his destiny on scrolls inside of his chest, his own Akashic Records.  At that time I was in the early days of struggling with my separation and asking the Universe for answers and guidance.  I just kept hearing that it was all in my Akashic Records....my destiny and a part of my journey that was part of a bigger picture that I would some day understand.  That was the part of the text we began with and as I uncovered the message in the hieroglyphs I was in tears...grateful for this encouragement from the walls of this pyramid so far away from me but so much a part of my soul.  Unas made his presence known to me and over the course of the next year worked with me as I translated the text on the walls of his pyramid....the pyramid that we were going to visit!!!  I was going to be inside looking at those walls!!!  Again I knew I wanted to stare at them and burn the vision of them into my eyeballs.

One section of the Text of Unas is known as the Cannibal Text and it describes the eating of the body of the gods.  This became what we know today as Communion in Christianity.  The Pyramid of Unas was not a tomb, it was a place of shamanic transformation and alchemy.

The night before we were to visit Sakkara I dreamed that a man had died and I was going to his house to pay my condolences, but when I arrived at the house the man had not died and the dining room was filled with people sitting around the table eating a large meal.  The man who had not died came to me with a bowl of vegetable/alphabet soup and the alphabet was hieroglyphs.  As he handed it to me he told me that I was given the responsibility of keeping the family recipe and handing it down for generations to come.

I dreamed our visit to Unas' pyramid!  He was not a man that had died! There was a feast going on and I was to keep translating the recipe on the walls...it was my destiny.  He had handed it to me himself.

We entered the pyramid by walking backwards down the wooden walkway and emerged into the most amazing room with walls covered in hieroglyphs!  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be there in that space!  While we were there, Normandi invited me to read the utterance that I had translated.  So I stood there, inside these ancient carvings and read the words that had come from the walls to me.  

Suddenly, as I spoke the words I was very aware of Unas beside me and my ears opened up to the sound of my voice and the way it echoed in the chamber.  Just then I read,

"In purity Unas lights his offerings before Ra, their scent and smoke rise in the sky.  Unas calls upon the Sun god Ra and Ra speaks his name, returning it as an echo through Time.  Along the trail of ascending smoke of incense Unas and the sound of his name ascend the steps to the heavens.  Lo, even his soul flies up! ..."

Unas smiled at me and I smiled back.  The sound of my voice in that moment as I spoke inside the chambers of his pyramid, reverberated with the sound of his name, echoing up to Ra like offerings and our souls flew up to the heavens together.

The magic of Egypt...unbridled and sweeping me up in its charms, carrying me to my next magical adventure.  Sometimes there are no words to describe what this feels like other than a sigh and eyes filled to the brim with liquid gratitude.

I have more to share but for now let these experiences of my own ignite something inside of your own memories and allow the magic to be fanned into being.