Notes from Canada

Oh. My. Goodness.  My heart is so full!!!  Needing a little room to move and breathe I am writing this to you from Canada.  It was an easy drive and I had a little more of an adventure upon entry than I imagined but everything worked out just fine!  Somehow I ended up not being in the proper lane for the bridge and suddenly found myself surrounded by semi trucks!  Obviously, the cars went somewhere else but there were actually a lot of semis mixed in with the cars as we approached and I couldn't really see any directional signs.  The man at the booth was nice and asked me all the questions and sent me on my way.  Adventure!

Yesterday, however, I truly experienced some amazing magic early on in the drive.  I had the radio off and was enjoying the silence and the windows down as I made my way just north of Indy.  Suddenly, a friend popped into my mind and I had a warm feeling of being surrounded by love and thought that, even though I am not a religious person, it would feel so comforting to have this friend say a prayer for me.  Not two minutes later I received a text from her as I was waiting at a stoplight asking if it would be all right for her to say a prayer for me.  

True story.

I sat there at the light with tears welling up in my eyes at the unexplainable magic of it all.  I called her to tell her about my experience and to thank her and we were both just astounded but feeling very blessed.  I was so happy to have Jesus sent to me to ride shotgun with me on my road trip.  

There truly is no way for me to explain how that happens for me but any time that I have felt the presence of someone it has been a powerful and moving experience and for which I am very very grateful.

Tonight after I arrived to my hotel, I spent some time just lying flat in my room for a while then getting some dinner.  I had hoped to eat down by the pond but the mosquitos were unwelcome and uninvited guests so I left them to their own party and came on up to eat and unwind further and write a few words.  

Sa Sekhem Sahu

Once tortured by

The voices that


Inside my mind


Strangling me

With stories of

What is and

What isn't


I escaped from

The weavers

To find my



Hidden there under the sky

Beneath the trees

Beside the water

Within my heart



heart that beats with you

That hears your breath on the wind

That swells to bursting at the sight of you

That pounds deeper in my chest when you are near


Standing tall with the trees

Along the banks of the water

All becomes still

And the voices are silent


There is only what is

In this moment

Here and