Humming with Hathor

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor came to me years ago while sitting on the floor of a darkened room, propped with my back up against the wall in a channeling class in central Indiana.  I had never heard of her before but she was oh, so powerful! (You can read more about that experience HERE)  

In the years that followed she stepped aside, as all good mothers do, to allow me to grow and learn and experience the power and presence of the other Egyptian gods and goddesses.  And now again, in this year of 2017, the year that I have bravely claimed for myself, she has returned.

She has returned on that smiling crescent moon on the western horizon in January, sitting there against the dark sparkling tapestry of evening sky like a celestial Mona Lisa.  Not only is there so much knowing in that smile, there is also so much calm.  A calm in knowing that what lies ahead will most certainly transpire, just as certainly as the moon waxes and wanes or the trees dress and undress through the seasons or the cranes that soar overhead, always fly south for the winter.

While she can be a very protective goddess, she is also very gentle and invites us to surrender to softness.  She sings lullabies to us and reminds us to breathe, to be gentle on our Self and others, to open the heart to remembering our deep connections to the Divine.  

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep and I will listen to various recordings of meditations or music.  This past week I decided to listen to her song recording that I played on my harp a few weeks ago as I lay there listening, I suddenly started to hum.  I just lay there humming as the music played and I couldn't stop.  I listened and hummed with my song to her over and over again, gaining so much wisdom and calm was extremely powerful in such a beautiful and non-overwhelming way. It made me feel so good and so connected to my path.  

In the past when I have felt overwhelmed by Life or my circumstances I would lie on the ground because there was no where else I felt I could go in that moment to feel supported and held.  It didn't matter if it was 20 degrees, there was 2 feet of snow on the ground and I was wearing multiple layers and my Carharts.  It felt warm and comforting like I was being held and nurtured by the Great Mother Earth herself.  I could hear her heartbeat like I was still in the womb and it made me feel loved.

I love these simple yet powerful moments of reconnection to my spirit. That essence of my soul that knows...she knows and remembers and sees the Big Picture, even if it only that she senses it, she knows.

Over the past month and a half Hathor has been beside me...... 

  • She has guided me into the Music of the Spheres and how to play with the tones of the zodiac on my harp.  Literally, the thoughts come to my little wrinkly brain and a quick search in Google as to what she is showing me is completely revealed, confirming everything.


  • I love the fact that Nuit initially showed me how to work with Numerology to compose powerful healing music and within the walls of Hathor's temple at Dendera, there is a lovely Nuit chapel with a beautiful painting of Nuit adorning the ceiling


  • She has opened my awareness to her workings with others on this Hathorian path in the exact moment that she was connecting with them over 800 miles away.  I could feel it all in my body!


  • She has synchronistically led me to other sound healers beginning their journey into the power of sound who feel a close connection with her to collaborate.


  • She has shared with me her desire for a recording of the zodiac focusing on this new way of composing music. (The image above is from the Brooklyn Museum in NYC of a replica of the zodiac ceiling in the temple of Dendera)  I want to call this CD, "Dendera: Songs of the Zodiac".  I open an email from Tom Kenyon and see that he is teaching a conference this fall called, Dendera: Entering the Temple, which focuses on the Egyptian system of Ascent and sound healing within the temple of Hathor, Dendera! And YES, I want to go!!!
  • There was that beautiful humming experience with her as I laid in bed listening to her song
  • While listening to an older podcast of my dear friend Normandi Ellis, she mentioned early memories of being a priestess in the Temple of Hathor in Dendera.  She and I go sooooo far back with such incredible parallel magical and life experiences and it helped me to see our sisterhood connection more completely.  

All of this....ALL of this....I can't make this stuff up!  


TIPS FOR YOU:  And so, what does all of this mean for you?  I share all of this in the hope that you can begin to understand what it is like and what it means to walk with the Divine.  To understand that it sometimes just happens when you open your email or when you have inspired thoughts while you wash dishes or do the laundry.  To know that the Universe has your back and that you are on a guided path.  To know that you only have to open to the magic and the possibilities.

One of the things I suggest if you are wanting to begin a closer more mindful walk with the Universe is to begin by listening to your body.  Simple things....just take a minute to sit with your body and feel it.  REALLY feel it hungry, tired, tight between your shoulders?  What does it want...a cozy blanket, some essential oil, to stretch, to shift your weight from one leg to the other?  Check in with your body often and let her speak to you.  

A favorite exercise of mine is around meals...I check in with my body on what it wants to eat.  Sounds simple but it is really profound when you feed your body exactly what it wants.  (unless it is loads of sugar...then I look at what it is wanting that is hidden under that easier to identify feeling and address that first)

Many times when you begin here, with your body, you soon begin to notice the little things and many times, that is how the Universe speaks to a tiny voice that is barely a whisper.  I always tell them that it would be sooooo great if they could come in with a sexy Australian accent but noooo!  It just sounds like my own voice BUT it FEELS it is coming from a place outside of me.  I can tell because I know what is true for me and my body and how I feel.  Anything else is something or someone else.  

And don't forget to connect further by going outside, taking a walk, sitting by a pond or a river, lying on the ground, looking at the stars.  These sound so simple but they can be so very potent.

The more you shift your awareness in this way, the easier it will be but it will never lose it's magic!