The Bed

Last night I slept in the middle of the bed.  

It may seem like a strange statement but I’ve been separated for over a year and a half now and still sleep on “my” side of the bed.  

Until last night when all of a sudden out of nowhere I realized it.

This bed is mine.  I don’t have to concede to anyone while I am in it.  I don’t have to share the blankets.  I don’t have to try not to take up too much space.  I don’t have to worry if I can’t sleep and end up tossing and turning.  I can get up as often as I need to to go to the bathroom.  I’m not going to disturb anyone or make anyone grumpy.  

I don’t have to fall into my waking pattern of being small and sleep small as well.  This bed is a queen sized bed...made just right for a queen.  It’s my bed.  I’m the queen.

There is an old saying about laying in the bed you made.

This bed is mine. And last night I slept in the middle of it.  

Bigger than life and wearing my crown.