The Truth on the Shore

It is a gift to live by the water

Where the light and the wind ripple lovingly across the surface

To see the other side

Where geese are coupled sitting together peacefully on their nests


But sometimes I ache to be near a larger body of water

To be closer to where it feels more like Truth and light and wind rake the surface into waves

Where you can’t see the other side

Because I remember that coupling and sitting peacefully in our nest


Right now it seems so far away

And I am afraid to swim

Stuck here on the shores of my past

Not knowing the shores of my future


Trying to find my Self in the present

Like an unexpected gift

Building sand castles out of hope

Trying to stay optimistic about building them again


And so in this moment I thank the water

I thank the light and the wind

I surrender to the journey to the other side

I listen to the wisdom of geese


I find the gifts within my Self

And soak up the memories of the Present.