Finding Truth, Joy...and Brad Pitt

Finding Truth.....

My hard copy came today!!!!!  I absolutely LOVED the audio and now I can sit and read it or open it up like an Oracle deck to know what I need to be aware of ... WITHIN MYSELF

While Danielle did an absolutely AMAZE-BALLS job of really putting it all out there, it is not just to be read as an end-all place to land.  It is a place to awaken your own Truth and to get really solid in what your story is and who you are.

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Finding Joy.....

I dream a lot.

Not just the sit-and-look-out-over-the-horizon kind of daydreaming but nighttime dreaming.

So I went to a dream weaving circle.  In it we talked about some of our dreams and we pulled them apart, like pulling silken webs from our fingertips as we caressed our temples. 

 (Isn't it wonderful that we have our very own temples with us at all times, to hold our brain that place of the Holiest of Holies?!)

I also like to binge watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Because it's funny.  Because he is a musical and comedic genius.  And because I love his weekly #hashtags and Thank You Notes.  Anywhoooo....his band, The Roots, plays music and the audience claps along and for a few nights, everyone was clapping quickly along with the beat, so that instead of clapping 1-and-2-and 3-and 4 they were clapping 1-2-3-4

Back to the dream weaving of the leaders did some drumming at the beginning to take us into a brain wave state that would open up our channel to wisdom and our dreams.  Well, as soon as she started drumming I immediately thought of everyone clapping on the Tonight Show.  She didn't drum in a slow rhythmic 1-and-2-and 3-and 4....she drummed quickly 1-2-3-4

I wasn't sure if we were supposed to write or just sit with the drumming but words were coming so fast that I was afraid that they would run off like a streaker through the woods so I began to write them down.  What came from that was so amazing from an epiphany standpoint because it was in alignment with what the Universe had been putting out there for me to think about, which is this next part of the story!

This past spring I also participated in a self-awareness/relationship course and one of the exercises we were encouraged to do whenever we found ourselves becoming overwhelmed by the gerbil on the wheel whose sole purpose is to keep us spinning in our dissatisfaction is called The Rubber Band.  So whenever we realized our repeating self-limiting thought patterns we were to snap the rubber band we had around our snap out of it, literally.

And while I never actually wore the rubber band, I used (and still use) that technique to switch my way of thinking from negative to positive or from past to present/future or from what I think of something to the reality of that something.

Here is what I wrote in the dream weaving circle.  Maybe it will inspire you....

Our Birthright

Hands clapping, arms raised in praise

Joy is our birthright

It is our true nature.


Dark clouds, dark times

Hands clapping like thunder to clear the air

Joy is our birthright

It is our true nature.


Listen to the hands clapping

Listen to your heart beating


Joy is our birthright

It is our true nature.

~~ 5/9/17

Finding Brad Pitt....

Within all that is swirling and twirling around in my life and in my head, my creativity is in there, too, very much alive and kicking!

I put a model call/free photo shoot out on my FB page last week because I'm itching to put together another Soul Essence Portrait session and needed a willing person to be a part of finishing my Behind the Scenes video and to possibly do something go on local T.V.!!!  Yeah...big dreams, terrifying but so very exciting all at the same time!

The Universe directed me during this time to this interview with Brad Pitt in the summer edition of GQ Style magazine.  I absolutely love PORTER magazine and this was like that but more focused on fashion and the photography.  

A lot of what I had read about the article was about the interview and the photo shoot and that he and the photographer visited three National Parks for the shoot.  Some of the articles were favorable and some were condescending and snarky.  

I am included in the "most favorable" category.

One of the reasons I loved this so much is that it gives us the opportunity to see a man in a place of empowering himself by allowing himself to be vulnerable...not something we are used to seeing.   Another thing I loved was that this is Brad in the midst of his divorce, inviting us in through the lens of the camera to see and witness his journey.  And, like all animals, we crave the healing power of nature when we are hurting.  

Within his interview he talks about how he loves to build a fire every day...and I so understood that.  That quote was written across the page of an image of him, out of focus, eyes brimming with tears.  I was in tears when I read it. 

"When I ask Pitt what gives him the most comfort these days, he says, 'I get up every morning and make a fire.  When I go to bed, I make a fire, just because--it makes me feel life.  I just feel life in this house."

That is me, too.  IDK how many times over the winter and spring that I built a fire for that very reason.

We all experience pain.  We all experience a deepening of our truth and ways to really get in touch and grounded with our joy.  This whole interview and the images was just such a powerful Note from the Universe directly to me.  A note of encouragement that....

Yes!  You are onto something big!

Yes!  Go deep into the pain, go outside, let it all out

Yes!  Build those first on the outside and then on the inside

Yes!  Own your journey and all parts of you...and let this help you create this healing space for others because you know how it feels

Yes!  Follow your dreams!  You are onto something big!

And then.....there was the video of Brad and the amazing music that was with it so I looked up the artist and watched his video for that amazing song and it was the most beautiful. thing. ever.  All of it.  Both of them.

Read the GQ STYLE INTERVIEW.... HERE!  (Brad's video/shoot is here)



The Universe will lead you into what you need in fun and incredible ways....let me know in the comments where it has been leading YOU!