Prayers Whispered by Flowers

Yes, true story, Virginia....  

I came across this tiny little rose bud whispering prayers while going through my images from the weekend trip to Virginia where I was teaching a workshop and offering readings, Soul Songs, and performing a benefit concert.  

LR Edit -4799.jpg


It was Sunday morning and I was told about a lovely little rose garden not too far of a walk from the church where I was staying.  I truly love being outside, taking walks, listening to the sounds of Nature all around me and tuning in to any messages from the Universe that I need to hear.  I took my camera because I also love taking pictures and wanted to get some "stock" photos for my IG page that would go well with messages I wanted to share.  I took lots of pictures of the roses and really enjoyed my time in the garden.

During the church service that morning, one of the congregational songs was "In the Garden" which is one of my favorites.  As I stood there just listening to the sounds of the people singing, I began to notice the voice of the man singing behind me.  He had the most beautiful baritone and with my eyes closed I just soaked it all in.  My heart overflowed with gratitude and I felt truly blessed in that moment.

"Blessed" was the word I found on a tee shirt while walking through Target to get a tire pump to fill the flat tire I woke up to.  It felt like it was my word for the weekend, my message from the Universe, and now that I'm home, it is one that I keep repeating to my Self.  "Blessed"...yes, yes I am.

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And yes, you are, too! 

Count the ways.....and tell me about it in the comments!  I'd love to hear your stories of gratitude and blessings and prayers offered in quiet gardens.

Sending you so much love....