When Seeds are Planted

The magic of Egypt never ceases to amaze me.  The light there is unlike the light I've seen anywhere in the world....and although Life is good for me here, a part of my heart and soul is always there.  It’s as if the sands of time have settled deep into the marrow of my bones so that my heart and my feet are always there in some ethereal way. There is truly something about Egypt that gets into your soul in a way that no other place on earth does.  You can see it in the eyes of the people visiting and in their voices when they return home, wanting with such a deep longing to go back.

A few blogs ago I wrote about the way Egypt called to me and I ended up going back with the opportunity to work.  Without a doubt, Isis prepared the way that day that she stood in my dining room while I worked on taxes and asked me to simply “be open”.  The trip was eye-opening and in many ways I didn’t expect but am grateful for. The theme of the trip was Becoming the Lotus and throughout the trip the group was invited to not only plant a seed but to become one, planted, and blossoming.  While much of the trip I was photographing and in that frame of mind as I carried my two cameras everywhere to capture what I was being paid to capture, the magic of that place and the moon and stars in the sky and the sand and the sun and the water….none of its mesmerizing effects on the people who walked the land with me or the seeds that were being planted inside my own life escaped my awareness.  

One of the most incredible experiences on that trip happened while at the Temple of Isis in Philae.  We woke in the dark hours of the early morning to travel by boat to the island under the stars. We traveled in silence, with only the sound of the boat motor and the hull of the boat cutting through the stillness of the air and the water.  It was still dark when we arrived on the island and prepared the group for our ceremony inside the Holy of Holies around the altar.

The group waited outside for our signal while we went inside.  As I walked into the temple, I felt the presence of Isis and held the spirits of the initiates who are studying to become her Priestess in my Iseum.  Their presence was palpable and I felt so blessed and honored to be here in this place with them all. Once we entered the sacred room and set up our candle lights (LED candles, as you can’t burn candles inside) we stood in silence over the altar, in that moment, the temple crackled from one end of the hall to the other and back again.  It sounded as if the walls of the temple it Self were breathing and coming to life! I asked my friend if she had ever heard that before and she replied that no, never.

To me, this was such a beautiful validation of the importance of the work we have begun within the Iseum.  That seed I planted 9 years ago that has truly begun to break the surface of the water and grow and blossom.  This past year has been a time of following the guidance of Isis to dive deeper into the work she had planted with me there.  It was time to grow and blossom and before I knew it more and more people were expressing an interest in the program and telling me that they have been hearing the call of Isis to go deeper with her.  That they were being called to become her Priestess.

Sometimes, when we are open and say yes there is magic and possibility there waiting for us that we couldn’t even imagine.  We meet people, we have incredible experiences to which there are no other answers other than the magical and mystical. We get to go places and step into our purpose in a more confident way.  Sometimes it takes years to unfold but once the seeds have been planted it sets everything into motion in a way that is all in perfect timing.

There are many things planted and growing…..and it’s time to fully embody what is becoming.  The best is yet to come….stay open….say yes.

Leave me a comment and tell me about what seeds you’ve planted in your life and how you are embodying them! I’d love to hear about it!