Plugging back in

My presentation reminded me of something….

You know, so often when we teach we end of speaking to our Self as well.

Let me tell you about this one band camp.....

Ok, so it wasn't technically at band camp, but I was teaching at the Great Lakes Retreat which is LIKE camp for grown ups and there IS music there. Anyway, I was also giving a lecture presentation entitled, "Your Divine Heart and the Feather of Truth."

I upped my game and put together slide presentations for both my classes and the presentation and actually for the presentation it was more distracting for me but I think it helped the audience.

The presentation went well and I felt the presence of the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Ma’at with me. I shared stories and inspirational anecdotes and played my harp. There was just the right amount of audience anticipation, laughter and applause and lots of hugs and tears of happiness and vulnerability shared with me after it was done. You can get the audio of the presentation HERE .

Once the retreat was over and I was back home I began to realize something. I had listened to the recording to check for audio quality before posting it as a freebie and my life began to sort of play out in my head. I thought about the words I had chosen and the stories I had shared and knew that I had gotten a little more settled into things that were comfortable and familiar lately. I couldn’t think of anything truly Epic or Adventuresome that I had really sought out or said “YES!” to. I wasn’t getting out there. I was getting lazy about creating my life….my daily life….and making it something I couldn’t wait to jump out of bed into.

It’s not like I’m unhappy, don’t get me wrong! I’m 4 years separated at this point and although at times it still gets confusing, I’ve come a long way and gotten stronger within my Self but I had stopped seeking out the Epic and the Adventure. It was easier to stay home, to talk on the phone with my husband-ex-husband every day (yes, I know that’s a long handle but what else do we call him?). I had gotten my Self into a rut.

Plugging back in

LR Edit WM-7683.jpg

So, this image is a self portrait I did on a day that I was feeling all the feels of plugging back in and feeling alive. There’s a power and a confidence that you can get when you wear the color red and I wanted to bridge the gap between my femininity and my dominate get-all-the-things-done-go-getter part of me. It started out with that feeling and then I wanted to capture it to remember it.

So I added the power tie. Literally. I thought it made a good statement and was a great image to convey my embracing Life again. I spent some time later that week going out and talking to friends, making coffee dates with local hairstylists and makeup artists in the city, visiting my girlfriend at her clothing boutique in town and being invited to a polo match. I signed up to go on a photo walk with a camera brand that I already use and love just to get out of the house on a Saturday morning and meet people with like interests.

I had such a great time on the photo walk meeting the other photographers (mostly hobbyists rather than professional) and sharing a love of art and even helping some of them with the settings since I was familiar with that camera’s menu. Because of all the inner work I’ve done to tune in to my body and soul, I realized how much that working with people and teaching them something cool and inspiring them just turned me on inside. It may sound silly to some, but it made me feel alive again in a way that I’ve been missing and didn’t quite realize I’d been missing it. I decided to make an appointment with the manager of the camera shop (I do know her so it wasn’t a cold call situation) and approached them about teaching some classes. They seemed really excited and on board so I have a couple of class proposals to put together! The long story of that is to put together a photo tour to Egypt….that seems Epic, don’t you think?

It’s not easy to create a life of Epic Adventures. We have to do the work. When I think about all the things I talked about in my presentation, I realized it was the Universe’s way of waking up my soul and lighting it on fire again.

I’m looking forward to the polo match….I’ll keep you posted!

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