If you’ve been drawn to the magic of the unseen world, spirituality or Ancient Egypt,

you’re in the right place!

Maybe you understand your connection to this special land, its temples and its deities….maybe you don’t but want to explore more.

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I'm Auset, a modern day Oracle and an ordained Priestess of Isis and I’m here to show you how to weave all of the magic that is Ancient Egypt into your every day life.

Did you know that by accessing the wisdom of Ancient Egypt you can open the doors to your intuition and begin to step into your power in ways that you didn’t even imagine were possible?

With me as your guide I’ll lead you to the voices of the Ancient Ones, the powerful and loving Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, and to your own innate wisdom that you forgot that you remember.

I’ll give you the knowledge to help you really dig in and get your hands into the sand of your Self that has been buried by all of the daily responsibilities of life so you can start thriving in life rather than just surviving.

You can jump-start your spiritual path and begin getting your life into a powerful alignment with your soul’s purpose

It's about connecting...to the Divine and to the ancient wisdom hidden inside

  • It's about being and being real, inside and out

The Ancients believed that there was a divinity in us all

They were right

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Together we'll rediscover the power of the Divine Goddess inside YOU.  


Here’s where you begin….

  • Join me for online courses (there’s a FREEBIE there for you!), intuitive coaching, and workshops from anywhere around the world and learn how you can work with the energy and magic of Ancient Egyptian wisdom to get the keys you need to unlock your spiritual potential

  • You can also travel with me to Egypt to experience the magic firsthand. Registration for the Zep Tepi: An Opening into Time tour begins January 2020!

  • And be sure to sign up for my email for access to that FREEBIE and helpful tips on how you can access the magic of Egypt in your life right away!

Upcoming Events and Workshops


What people are saying....

I can’t thank you enough for the loving support and guidance you gave me. It was so powerful and genuinely touched my heart” — K. Smith, Louisville, KY


“ I love the way you’re always real! Your presentation was amazing and so well organized. You’re so knowledgeable and you deliver the message in an easy to understand way. As a newbie, I appreciate your gentleness” —  S. Longmeyer, Cincinnati, OH

"Your class had a big impact on me and the soul song session was amazing.  The song made me cry the first few times I heard it, each time with a lower degree of pain. The pain was gone after about four times, and then there was peace. I love my song!  It is so beautiful!"  -- Lorena M.

Amazing workshop! I have studied sound healing before, but this reminded me of how powerful it is and took it to another octave!” — Megan H.