Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Here you the beginning...

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Your Soul....

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she remembers....

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If you have been moving through deep trans-formative personal growth and would like to have a little extra intuitive, spiritual guidance as you move through your journey you can work with me one-on-one in weekly Intuitive Spiritual Coaching Sessions.

Each session is based on where you are right now in your personal and spiritual life and we expand on what you already know and enrich your life with weekly explorations to rediscover your soul's purpose and your life path.  Sessions are held via phone conference, or if you are in the Indianapolis area we can meet in person, last about an hour and you can sign up for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks.  

These sessions are based on YOU and what YOU are wanting to develop in your life.  You work with your familiar guides and angels.  There are no "things" to buy.  No topic is too sensitive.  

  • If you were to stop and ponder the past few months you might realize that you have been going through an accelerated transformation...a birthing process that perhaps you are still in the middle of.  
  • You feel good at times and then everything in your world is turned upside down and you are spinning in the middle of your own personal emotional hurricane.  Happy tears of gratitude followed by cleansing tears of deep healing flow together down your cheeks.  
  • You see the world in a different way and your part in it...perhaps you feel as if you are looking through a thin veil and can ALMOST see can ALMOST touch it and your heart aches with the knowing that although you are right where you need to be in this moment, you long to be where you are going.
  • You would like to find joy again...and passion, and pleasure in life

Here’s how I can help...

  • I will meet you right where you are on your path and offer guidance and insight into the messages from your soul.  
  • We will meet once a week for an hour long phone retreat each week to discuss where in your life you are having the most difficulty and need the most clarity.  
  • You will get the spiritual and practical tools you need to begin to empower your soul and uncover the courage to move forward into your dreams.
  • You will be able to work with your spirituality and incorporate this part of you into your everyday self so that you feel full of life and complete.
  • We'll explore your deepest desires, conquer your biggest fears and open your heart to all the wondrous pleasures of life
  • We'll work intuitively and work with some of the most amazing Goddess energies as well as your own guides to help you discover your own Goddess Inside



Are you ready to tap into your spiritual gifts?   

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul and express your life purpose?

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your soul calls to you...

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Want to hear more about what other's have experienced with Intuitive Spiritual Coaching ?  Here's a few...

"Auset appeared in my Life at a pivotal time when I needed a spiritual guide and teacher here on Earth. She held energetic space for me to explore and deepen my relationship to The Divine, gave me practices I could implement immediately and most importantly - she listened. When you are faced with the newness of claiming your Divine Purpose, it's scary. Having someone to witness you without judgement and support you through is invaluable and Auset did so with such a loving open heart. I'll always be grateful."  xo

Elizabeth DiAlto Creator of Wild Soul Movement + #ishineyoushine


"Auset is very intuitive and has the ability to really dig deep. She helped me see how the stars are aligning for me and to move forward with my life purpose. I would highly recommend working with Auset. Soul Songs also make a wonderful gift!"

- Silvana Perelli, Intuitive Weight Loss Coach




Ready to dive in? 

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Need a payment plan?  Let me know in your comments for Intuitive Spiritual Coaching payment plan options.  Everything is figure-out-able!

"Since I have been having a hard time, meeting with you, your coaching is really helping me to go through this hard time.   I feel happy that I know that you help me and guide me and support me.  By being mindful, I found out small but important things in my everyday life, like Self-love, how to love myself, etc. Those things can be small but powerful and make me think the simple things are good, too!"

-- K. Shore, Indianapolis, IN