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Level 1:  Priestess of Isis Intensive Training

by Priestess Ari-em-Bentreshyt-em-Ankh (Keeper of the Living Harp of of Joy) — amy AUSET rohn

Initiation and Membership:

By working through this Isis Intensive Priestess course you are hereby a member of the Iseum of the Divine Isis Within and from the depths of my heart, I welcome you!


Welcome to the beginning of a very powerful and magical journey!  This first of seven levels is designed to open you gently to the energies of Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.  There is a bit of reading to familiarize you with her story and how she has remained the Goddess of All That Is over thousands of years, as well as simple rituals that bring a natural sense of devotion to her.

Your reading materials can be purchased online or at your favorite bookstore.  They include:

Isis Magic by M. Isadora Forrest:  An important book for rites and rituals required in this course

 Mysteries of Isis by deTraci Regula:  An invaluable reference for prayers and portions of ritual work

 Feasts of Light by Normandi Ellis:  Stories of the Ancient Egyptian neteru and their corresponding feast days/activities

 Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis:   An English translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Passion of Isis and Osiris by Jean Houston:  An important book to dive deep into the Isian/Osirian Mysteries

 If you have trouble obtaining any of these books, please let me know and I will try to help you find them.  To begin with, the first three are the most important in getting you started in your ritual practices and understanding of the Goddess.  We will use Awakening Osiris more in-depth in later levels. 

 You will need to keep a daily journal of your practice, including any special synchronistic occurrences, messages or visions of the Goddess.  You will also need to keep a dream journal to develop your dreaming intuition.  At the completion of Level 1 you will send these journals to me for review.  You can either email them to me at or make copies of your journal entries and mail them – just remember to keep them legible!   There will also be a short questionnaire that sums up your understanding of this first level.

There are daily ritual practices, as well as one-time rites.  Please know that I am here to answer any question you may have to the best of my ability and am always happy to hear of your experiences as they happen if you are bursting to share!  So, take a deep breath and enjoy each and every aspect of this incredible journey with Isis.

Workings to do once during Level 1

Dedication of a Shrine

As a Priestess of Isis initiate, you will need to dedicate a shrine – sacred space/alter to Isis where you will offer your prayers each morning, settle into for meditation and communion with Isis, and feel a sense of peace and devotion each time you pass this special space as it will remind you of your new and special connection to Isis.  Begin to commune with her in your heart about your shrine/alter – its location, colors, sacred items to place upon it, etc.  Read about traditional shrines and search your heart for ways to make yours personal.  To formally set up the shrine, pick a quiet time during the day that you can devote at least 20-30 minutes to this ritual.  You may choose any one of the rites from Feasts of Light “The Pregnancy of Isis/Nut” (p. 101), Mysteries of Isis (p. 40), or from the liturgy provided on the Fellowship of Isis website.  You may even wish to combine aspects of each example into your own special ritual.  If you feel at all intimidated on how to ‘do it right’, simply choose one of the examples and follow along.  There is no ‘wrong’ way to set up your sacred space!

Wings and Breath of Isis

This ritual is found in Isis Magic p. 262 and gets the spirit of Isis aligned with yours by having you take the position of Isis, wings outstretched.  You will breathe in Her sacred essence and invite Her spirit to merge with yours. 

Journaling with Feasts of Light

 You will need to read the chapters “The Rise of Sothis as Isis” (p. 1) and “The Feast of Anket” (p. 6) and do at least one activity from each chapter.  These are wonderful catalysts in your new endeavors as Priestess of Isis. 

Meditation:Going to the Temple of Isis

From Mysteries of Isis, ch. 4, there is a meditation taking you within the Temple walls and meeting Anpu, or Anubis.  Spend time in this meditation once and record your thoughts and impressions in your Daily Journal.


 Chapter 11 of Isis Magic has a number of meditations beginning on p. 288 to help attune you to the energy of Isis.  During this level, choose two or three meditations and journal your thoughts and experiences.

Daily Workings:

Daily Journal 

Your Daily Journal is where you will keep track of your daily readings, rituals practiced, synchronistic events, and visions, etc.  You may purchase a special journal to work with or keep them online.  This is also where you will write special prayers and songs to Isis.  You will send this to me at the completion of each level.

Dream Journal

You will need to keep a written record of your dreams and do your best to decipher their meanings.  Dreams can work in many different ways and there are many good books out there to help you learn to work with the symbolism in them.  In your Mysteries of Isis book (ch. 23) there is an example of a simple dream ritual to do before going to bed.  You might wish to try this once or twice a week to concentrate on your dream work.  In your Feasts of Light book, you can use “The Feast of Isis and the Black Cow” p. 64, to work with your dreams and doing a dream ritual; journal these experiences.  Please record your dreams – without judgment or embarrassment. 

Morning Rite to Isis  

You will begin each day with the Morning Rite to Isis.  deTraci Regula offers both a Kemetic and an English version of a prayer to recite in her book Mysteries of Isis, as well as some of her experiences with this Rite. Over time, you will begin to resonate with one version or the other and will know it by heart (even the Kemetic version, which I prefer).  It is important to remember that you are human and that each day is a new experience with this Rite, whether it is heart-felt and beautiful, slow and sleepy, fast and furious, or forgotten until you are in bed that night.  There is also a version of a Morning Rite on the Fellowship of Isis listed in the liturgy book called “Dea”.  I encourage you to formulate your own special morning ritual based on historical accounts of the rite and your guidance from Isis. 


There is no set standard of how much reading is to be done each day, but try to find time to sort through a couple of pages each day.  This helps to align you to the energy of Isis and connect you more fully to her story.  You will need to read from the following books:

Isis Magic:  chapters 1, 2, 10, 11 (ch. 11 contains many rites you will begin in Level 2)

Mysteries of Isis:  chapters 1-4, 23

Feasts of Light: Intro: A Brief History of the Egyptian Festival Calendar

 In Conclusion:

 This first level is designed to take 4 – 6 weeks.  I always say to listen to your heart and follow the guidance offered by Isis to know when to move to the next level.  Know that you are guided and loved.  I will be in touch off and on…please do not feel I am pressuring you in any way.  I just want to check in and be accessible.  Always feel free to contact me if you have any experiences to share, or have questions or concerns.  I am here to help.  

Many blessings to you.

Em Hotep (In Peace)



Level 1 Checklist


∙       Keep Daily Journal

∙       Keep Dream Journal

∙       Do Morning Rite


∙       Dedicate a Shrine to Isis using: Feasts of Light “The Pregnancy of Isis/Nut” (p. 101), Mysteries of Isis (p. 40), or Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt (p. 71), or from the liturgy provided on the Fellowship of Isis website

∙       Do Wings and Breath of Isis Rite (Isis Magic p. 262) May be done more than once if you desire!

∙       Journaling with Feasts of Light (one activity from each chapter below) You may do more than one activity if you wish!

o      “The Rise of Sothis as Isis” (p. 1),

o      “The Feast of Anket” (p. 6)

∙       Meditation: Going to the Temple of Isis (found in Mysteries of Isis, ch. 4) You may wish to do this meditation more than once

∙       Meditation:  two or three from Chapter 11 of Isis Magic (p. 288)—your choice

Level 1 Reading list


∙       Read:  Isis Magic:  ch. 1, 2, 10, 11

∙       Read: Mysteries of Isis:  ch. 1-4, 23

∙       Feasts of Light: Intro: A Brief History of the Egyptian Festival Calendar


 You may choose to one or both of the following…record your experiences in your Daily Journal or Dream Journal, which ever feels more appropriate.

∙       Dream Ritual:  Feasts of Light “The Feast of Isis and the Black Cow” p. 64

∙       Dream Ritual: Mysteries of Isis book (ch. 23)

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