Level 3: Priestess of Isis Intensive Training

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Welcome Isis Initiate!

Now you are ready to continue building your relationship with Isis in this third level.  By now, you are becoming familiar with the simple initial rituals and the vibrations of Isis’ presence with you.  This level will continue some of the work you have done in the first level as well as give you experience working with new rituals and rites and introduce you to various neteru who share qualities and characteristics of Isis. 

This third level moves you into the next level of understanding of ritual work and deepens your relationship with Isis and her many aspects.  We will work through the more complex rituals in Isis Magic each week, focus a bit more on the lunar aspects of Isis and her sister Nephthys, and begin a weekly practice of vibration and chanting that you can incorporate during your rites.  You will continue to write daily in your Daily Journal and Dream Journal, and continue to perform the Morning Rite to Isis each day.  There are optional activities for you to choose from as well.  Let’s begin!

 Remember that if you need to contact me for anything, I am only an email away and I will get back to you and help you as best I can.  ☺  I always enjoy hearing from you about your journey and your unique and beautiful experiences!

 Let’s get started!


Workings to do once during Level 3 

Make Robe for Ordination

 Using information in Isis Magic chapter 7 and Mysteries of Isis chapter 5 you will need to choose a fabric and color for your Priestess robe.  Although it is helpful to be handy with a sewing machine, if you are not proficient in sewing you may know of someone who would be willing to give you a helping hand, allowing you the opportunity to make this yourself with guidance from someone knowledgeable.  There is a very simple pattern in Mysteries of Isis on page 48, or you may find another pattern that you would feel more connected to. 

 I am not particularly good at sewing (my wrap-around skirt in 8th grade Home Economics came apart in the washing machine, scarring me for years!) but my mother is a dear and helped me get it right.  Enjoy the journey and create your robe in a spirit of adventure!

Journaling with Feasts of Light

As I have mentioned previously, during this third level we will be exploring and connecting with the energy of Isis-Nephthys/Nephthys.  Although she was not worshiped as were other goddesses of Ancient Egypt, and seems to be one who is set aside and forgotten, she does figure prominently in early texts alongside her sister goddess Isis.  She is beautiful to behold and considered a Goddess of the Night, Mistress of the House, and Twin Kite of Isis.  She is an active guide to souls in the Underworld and is said to also attend the birth of souls.  She is a devoted and caring sister to Isis who never ceases to help her search for the scattered pieces of Osiris. 

 From the following passage, please choose two activities to complete.   Be sure to journal your thoughts and feelings on Nephthys in your Daily Journal.  If you can do these during the days preceding the New Moon, a time of celestial darkness, you will feel her more directly.

“Lamentations of Isis” p. 32

 Write your own Invocation or Song to Nephthys

Just as you spoke from your heart to Isis in your Invocation in Level 2, I would like you to also write a simple Invocation, song, or poem to Nephthys.  It does not need to be fancy and wordy; only genuine and pure from your heart.  Let her sing to you and echo it back to her.  You will find a portion of your reading in Isis Magic on Nephthys beginning on page 177, as well as chapter 13 in Mysteries of Isis. 

A Ritual of Forgiveness with Nephthys

Associated with eclipses, the afterlife, magic, secrets, and beauty, Nephthys is known as the Dark Mistress of the Night who is the twin sister to Isis.  Together they are sometimes referred to as Twin Kites (the kite being a small bird).  She is the dark phase of the moon, the shadow to Isis’ light.  Soft and mysterious, she is the sister also to Osiris whom she seduced one night in the garden and then gave birth to Anubis.  When her jealous husband Set later killed Osiris, it was Nephthys who was a constant pillar of support to her sister in located all the scattered pieces of their beloved.  Through all of this, there is no mention in the ancient texts of any jealousy or resentment being harbored by Isis for her sister’s and husband’s infidelity.  She lovingly forgives them both and plays a significant role in raising her nephew.  

This ritual focuses on our times of indiscretion, bad decisions, and our shadow side that we like to keep hidden away.  Nephthys is coming forward to encourage us to forgive and to love ourselves in spite of our short-comings.  It takes a big person to own up to their mistakes; even if it is to admit them to yourself…no one likes to see that they have willingly made wrong choices or to feel unworthy of love.  Once we recognize that we are indeed not perfect, we can be more open to others and see that they, too, may have some of these very same issues going on inside of their hearts.  Perhaps that helps to explain their current actions, behavior, and words, just as yours issues help to explain yours.  There is forgiveness waiting for you…there is forgiveness waiting for us all…to step into that place of acceptance, openness, and surrender, and Nephthys will be by your side through it all.

The Ceremony

 For this ceremony, it is best done in the darkness just before dawn.  Have a white candle, a mirror, a small bowl in which to place a burning paper, and a piece of paper and pen.  To begin, you will light the candle.  As you do so, be open to revealing all of your shadow side to yourself, without judgment.   Ask Nephthys for her presence and feel the light touch of her upon your shoulder, as if a small bird has landed there.  You may catch a faint hint of fragrance.  Look at yourself in the mirror – do you see guilt on your face?  Do you see disappointment in your eyes?  Nephthys whispers, “It is time to be free”   Begin writing a list of what you feel are your biggest mistakes or bad decisions.  Now include your smaller indiscretions.

With Nephthys by your side, read each one out loud saying, “I forgive myself for…” (Insert your item from your list).  “I am new, whole, and free to love myself and others.  I am new, whole, and free to forgive myself and others.  By the magic of Nephthys and the power of my words it is so.”

When you begin to feel free of your guilt and disappointment, bring your paper to the flame and allow it to burn in your bowl.  As it burns, feel lightness return to your face; feel a freedom of guilt throughout your body.  Breathe in this feeling of renewal and look at your reflection in the mirror – what do you see now?  Stay in this moment as the sun rises upon your new day and say a personal prayer of thanks to Nephthys for her loving support.

Record your thoughts and experiences during this ritual in your Daily Journal.


From Isis Magic chapter 12 (p. 299), choose two or three meditations.  Please take time to journal your thoughts and experiences.  Of course, you may incorporate these meditations more often if you wish.  If you did not create your own meditation during Level 2, you may feel more confident at this time and wish to create your own meditation. 


During this third level, you will be asked to perform a new series of Rituals from chapter 12 of Isis Magic, beginning with the “Ritual of the Making of a Priest/ess of Isis” ( p. 291).  

  • “Ritual of the Making of a Priest/ess of Isis” p. 291
  • “The Lotus Wand of Isis” p. 319
  • “Opening the Ways: Priestess Version” p. 322


  •  Isis Magic chapters 7, 12
  • Mysteries of Isis chapters 5, 10, 12, 13
  • Feasts of Light “Lamentations of Isis” p. 32, “Birthday of Nephthys” p. 145, “Birth of Nephthys” p. 150
  • Awakening Osiris 7-12

 Daily Workings

Daily Journal/Dream Journal

Please continue both your Daily Ritual Journal and your Dream Journal.  Feel free to express your thoughts and feelings as you experience them and include your special Invocations and artwork or doodles of all things  Isis, Hathor, or Egyptian!

Morning Prayer to Isis

This is a rite you will continue to do throughout this level.  I know that it can sometimes begin to feel repetitive and tedious.  Know that this can be a very sacred rite done with much pomp and circumstance, or can be a simple 5 minute connection to the Goddess.  Please feel free to express yourself in this daily working and be creative.  I put the Morning Prayer to music, and chanted it…this helped add another layer of ceremony as well as help me to memorize the Kemetic version!  Use candles, essential oils, incense; add flowers and fire and water.  Most importantly…let Isis lead you! 

 **Special note:  The song, Morning Prayer, on my CD Bentreshyt: Harp of Joy, is the melody for the Morning Prayer.  You can purchase the digital download of that CD  here ... BENTRESHYT

Working to do Once/Week


 In Isis Magic, there are three exercises to do that are concentrated on vibration (beginning on page 311).  During the course of this third level you will need to complete one of these activities/week.  This means that you will complete each of these exercises more than once, allowing you to really become aware of the power of your voice during your meditations and rituals.  Keep a record of your experiences in your journal. The second exercise focuses specifically on the energy of Nephthys, which blends perfectly with other aspects of your workings during this level.



Ritual of Consecrating the Elemental Symbols

From Isis Magic, beginning on page 303 there is discussion of the various ritual tools commonly used by priestesses and initiates of Isis in their spiritual work.  You may make the elemental symbols and complete The Ritual of Consecrating the Elemental Symbols.  Be creative in your use of materials and altar arrangement and record your workings in your journal.

Journal your thoughts on a reading from Awakening Osiris

Complete a ‘book report’ on one chapter from your readings in Awakening Osiris.  Give a synopsis of the symbolism in the passage, or describe a scene in more depth, or give the nameless ladies a name, etc.  Explore and have fun



Level 3 Check List


  • Keep Daily Journal
  • Keep Dream Journal
  • Do Morning Rite


  • Make Robe for Ordination
  • Journaling with Feasts of Light
  • “Lamentations of Isis” p. 32-- choose two activities to complete
  • Write your own Invocation or Song to Nephthys
  • A Ritual of Forgiveness with Nephthys
  • Meditations
    • (Isis Magic chapter 12 (p. 299), choose two or three meditations)

Optional meditation/activity

  • Make Elemental Symbols and perform Ritual of Consecrating the Elemental Symbols
  • Journal your thoughts on a reading from Awakening Osiris


Vibration (Isis Magic p. 311)




  • Rituals/Rites (from Isis Magic)
    •  “Ritual of the Making of a Priest/ess of Isis” p. 291
    •  “The Lotus Wand of Isis” p. 319
    •  “Opening the Ways: Priestess Version” p. 322


  • Isis Magic chapters 7, 12
  • Mysteries of Isis chapters 5, 10, 12, 13
  • Feasts of Light “Lamentations of Isis” p. 32
  • Awakening Osiris 7-12


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