Level 4 Priestess of Isis Intensive Training

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Blessings, Beloved Daughter of Isis!

Welcome to the fourth level of your amazing journey with Isis!  You've worked hard in the previous three levels on your ritual practices and now it is time to begin stepping forward into your power and write a ritual of your own.  Don’t worry…you'll still be working with pre-written rituals as well to keep your creative spark invigorated.  ☺  Level Four also introduces a few more simple weekly practices and you'll begin to feel more comfortable and powerful in your role as a Priestess of Isis throughout this level.  You'll enjoy working a bit more with the energies of Isis-Hathor as you explore sacred dance, music, and making your own sistrum. 

It's during this level that your healing work begins with a weekly practice of the Isian Healing Rite and you will need a Reiki Level 2 attunement to work with sending healing energy distantly.  If you have not already been attuned to this level, please contact me to schedule this important step in your role as a Priestess of Healing.  Let’s get started!

 Daily workings


You'll continue to record all of your ritual practices, and anything you deem significant in your Daily Journal as well as to continue recording your dreams in your Dream Journal.

 Morning Rite to Isis

You are asked to continue your Morning Rite to Isis each day.  Explore ways to brighten this very special time with Isis – location, time of day, ritual, etc.  You can find some ideas in the Devotional Practices section of Isis Magic (which you will also be working with during this level).

 Workings to do Once during Level 4

 Make a Sistrum

 Using instructions in Mysteries of Isis beginning on p. 213, you will need to construct your own sistrum.  Remember that sistrums are out there pre-made and ready for purchase and you may choose to simply purchase your sistrum; however, constructing your own unique instrument to use during your rites can be a wonderful experience in communicating with Isis Herself as she guides you and leads to your materials, etc.  The choice here is certainly your own to make.  As I always say, explore and enjoy the adventure of it all!  The Sistrum Purification ritual found on page 176 in Mysteries of Isis gives you a simple idea on one of the ways to use your new tool for cleansing by sound.

 Perform a seasonal rite

 From chapter 12 of Isis Magic choose the rite that is appropriate for the time of year you are working in this level.  If you find yourself between seasons, use your intuition and listen to guidance from Isis on which rite would be most appropriate. 

 Write your own ritual

 Using posture and gesture suggestions in Isis Magic beginning on page 314 and in chapter 15 of Mysteries of Isis, write your own ritual incorporating at least two postures or gestures.  This can be as simple or as intricate as you like and may be performed as a private ritual or expanded to include close friends or family. 

 Perform the Ritual of Knowing What is in the Heart

 You will find this ritual in Isis Magic on page 361.   Although this ritual calls for multiple Priestesses, this can certainly be performed alone.  You simply assume the role of each Priestess, even taking time to change a portion of your attire when you step into the new role to more fully attune and align with the energy of that role if you like. 

 Perform the Earth Meditation

 This meditation is found in Mysteries of Isis on page 185.  This is presented as a meditation, but there is a lot of room for creativity to flow!  Using the suggestions given or some of your own ideas, write a meditation on the Earth.  You may choose to combine your meditation into an original Ritual practice.  Know that you are powerful and have wonderful ideas on how to incorporate all that you have learned into weaving your own unique and personal rituals and meditations.  ☺

 Perform the Magic Mirror Dance Ritual

 Here is another opportunity for you to use your freshly made (or newly acquired) sistrum!  From Mysteries of Isis  on page 170, read through this dance a few times and see yourself immersed in the magic of dance and movement – letting all of your inhibitions go right out the window!  Feel the wonderful way your body moves and see how the colors of your scarves and jewelry enhance the beauty that is YOU!

Activities from Feasts of Light

 “The Plucking of the Papyrus for Hathor” page 42 – choose one or two activities and record in your journal.


  •  Isis Magic chapter 8, workings of chapter 12
  • Mysteries of Isis chapters 11, 15, 16, 21
  • Awakening Osiris chapters 13-28
  • Feasts of Light “Pregnancy of Isis/Nut” p. 101


Once a week


 Ritual of Opening the Ways: Priestess Version from Isis Magic p. 322.  Each of the following requirements work very well incorporated into the working of this rite.

Isian World Healing Rite

 This ritual is simple to perform and incorporate during your Ritual of Opening the Ways.  You can find it in Mysteries of Isis page 123.  Record all of your experiences in your journal.

 Vibration and Chanting

 Continue practicing vibration exercises expanding your practice by using chants such as ‘Nuk Pu Auset’ (‘I am Isis’), ‘Sa Sekhem Sahu’ (       ), or ‘Om’.

 Devotional Practices

Choose a Devotional Practice from Isis Magic p. 325 to do each week.  You may choose a different practice each week or choose to repeat one of your likings. 


 Activity: Making an Ankh, Menet, or Tet

 For items to incorporate into your wardrobe, or to just have on your alter you may like to make your own ankh, menet, or tet.  You can find information and ideas on making these in chapter 5 of Mysteries of Isis. 

Compose an Evening Rite to Isis

 You might enjoy performing an evening rite each night.  Revisit page 151 in Mysteries of Isis for an example of an evening rite prayer; then compose your own evening rite prayer to Isis -- the Goddess of the Moon, Keeper of the Souls in the Underworld, and Star of Sopdet (the Kemetic name for the star the Greeks called Sirius and the Romans called Sothis).  She is the Dog Star that rises in July/August giving us the term ‘dog days of summer’.  Contemplate her associations with the night as you perform this nightly rite.


 Choose two or three Meditations from Isis Magic chapter 12 that you did not complete in Level 3 to complete in this level.  Please take time to journal your thoughts and experiences with these meditations in your Daily Journal.

 Level 4 Check List


  • Activity: Making an Ankh, Menet, or Tet
  • Compose an Evening Rite to Isis
  • Meditations  in Isis Magic chapter 12


  • Isis Magic chapter 8, workings of chapter 12
  • Mysteries of Isis chapters 11, 15, 16, 21
  • Awakening Osiris chapters 13-28
  • Feasts of Light “Pregnancy of Isis/Nut” p. 101


  • Keep Daily Journal
  • Keep Dream Journal
  • Do Morning Rite


  • Make a Sistrum
  • Perform a seasonal rite from Isis Magic chapter 12
  • Write your own ritual
  • Perform the Ritual of Knowing What is in the Heart in Isis Magic p. 361
  • Perform the Earth Meditation in Mysteries of Isis p. 185
  • Perform the Magic Mirror Dance Ritual  in Mysteries of Isis  p. 170
  • Activities from Feasts of Light
    • “The Plucking of the Papyrus for Hathor” page 42


  • Ritual:  Ritual of Opening the Ways: Priestess Version from Isis Magic p. 322. 
  • Isian World Healing Rite in Mysteries of Isis page 123
  • Vibration and Chanting
  • Devotional Practices in Isis Magic p. 325