Level 5 Priestess of Isis Intensive Training

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Welcome, Isis Initiate!

Here you are….at the beginning of the next level of your work as Priestess within the sacred Temples of Isis.  During this intermediate-advanced level of the course, you will be continuing your workings of ritual, making your wand for Ordination, work more with the healing power of Isis, and focus a little on the aspects of Isis-Sekhmet and Bast.  You will add the practice of the Evening Rite and explore the Morning Rite at various times of day.  You will also have the opportunity to begin to explore divination which will continue into Level 6 on a more concentrated level. As always, there are also optional activities in which you can choose to participate. 

Remember that there is no set time frame for you to move through this level, so be sure to take your time and truly digest and experience all that Isis has in store for you and do as many of the optional recommendations as you feel led.  As you will see beginning in this level, these final three levels increase the intensity and work of the course, but it is not designed to be more than you can handle.  If you ever have any concerns, please contact me and we will work together to make this and the final two levels practical working levels for you.  Calendars can be flexible but it is best as you go deeper into this course with Isis that you really carve out time with the Goddess. Put things on your calendar to help you see how you need to manage your time to move through each of these rites and explorations. It is a lot to work with but getting it on your calendar in black and white and right in front of you helps you to see how to move along based on your personal muggle schedule.

This level works intensively with the rites and ritual practices in Isis Magic and we begin to read from The Passion of Isis and Osiris. The following 2 levels will work through this book more intensively and you will go deep into the mysteries of Isis, Egypt and the neteru. These last three levels will take more time and I advise you not to rush through them.

With that being said, let’s get started!

 Daily workings


I would like you to continue recording your amazing journey with Isis in your Daily Journal.  The Dream Journal is also encouraged for your work in this level. 

I’d like for you to use your Daily Journal to document all of your ritual experiences, invocations, and your honest feelings.  It is not a place to sugar-coat your less-than-beautiful self!  Isis loves all parts of you, even the grumpy or whiney side…she is a mother, after all, and understands everything and is there to support your entire process of becoming her Priestess.  Know that there is no judgment from Isis – or me – by revealing your true thoughts and feelings. 

Morning Rite to Isis

I would encourage you to continue offering your Morning Rite to Isis each day, but I also realize that it may begin to feel stagnate and repetitive.  So for this level I’d like for you to add a component...an offering.  What can you offer the Goddess each morning? Look to texts on temple practices to see how you can incorporate this addition into your Morning Rite.

Evening Rite to Isis

This is a rite that you had the opportunity to begin exploring in Level 4.  If you chose not to do that particular optional activity, go ahead and begin this during this Level 5.  Revisit page 151 in Mysteries of Isis for an example of an evening rite prayer; then compose your own evening rite prayer to Isis -- the Goddess of the Moon, Keeper of the Souls in the Underworld, and Star of Sopdet. Your reading from chapter 19 in Mysteries of Isis also focuses on the worship of Isis of the Night to help you with your practice.

Workings to do Once during Level 5

 Make a Wand

For your Priestess Ordination Ceremony you will need a wand.  This is something you may make yourself, using copper, wood, crystals, or a combination of materials.  It is not something that needs to be fancy…just one that you enjoy.  The wand is a power tool that you can use during your healing sessions, space clearing, object charging, opening the ways, during rituals, or to hold during meditation.  Although there is not much said in your text books on the subject, there are many websites that feature wands, as well as metaphysical shops that carry them from affordable to very expensive.  You are welcome to purchase or create your own wand for your personal use and for your Ordination Ceremony.

Journaling with Feasts of Light

“The Inebriety of Hathor” (found on page 8)

 During this activity you will focus a little on the energies of Isis-Sekhmet and Bast.  Sekhmet is also very closely aligned to the energy of Hathor and she is sometimes called Hathor-Sekhmet.  Please read “The Inebriety of Hathor” and examine how you might use the energy of Sekhmet to help you transform your anger, get a project completed, or empower you.  You will need to write a short article, poem, prayer, or ritual focusing on Sekhmet.  These types of articles and writings are featured in a publication of the Fellowship of Isis called the Isis -Seshat Journal (you can find information about this publication online).  My thought here is that you compose something that you can submit to the editor and have published.  By now, you have all the tools you need to tap into your creative side and come up with something beautiful to share with others to help them grow or to enhance their spiritual practice.  It is definitely not a requirement to put this together as a publication submission…just planting a seed for you to think on….but do write something up as your requirement for this level. 

“Bast Goes Forth from Bubastis” (found on page 61)

As you will read in this chapter, Bast is also aligned as an aspect of Hathor – the calm and even seductive side of Sekhmet the Powerful, Avenger, Destroyer.  As you read through this chapter, absorb the sensual, purring nature of Hathor-Sekhmet as Bast.  You will need to do Activity 3; the remaining two activities are optional.

“The Great Festival of Bast at Bubastis” (found on page 109)

You will need to choose one activity to complete.  I would also like you to explore your own sensual and sexual side for a day…how do you feel about your sexuality?  How do you feel about your body?  What events have helped you to form your ideas and feelings on sex?  Remember to be very honest and open with yourself and know that you may choose to keep this journaling exercise private…only sharing with me if you feel comfortable with that.  There is no judgment…not even from you.  Be very straightforward and honest with yourself, and write a poem of invocation to your sexual/sensual Self.

Rites from Isis Magic chapter 13 (These will need to be documented in your Daily Journal)

Healing Rites: The Knot of Healing p. 443 and Weaving Healing p. 450

Please write an essay of your experiences in each of these Rites

Enlivening the Divine Image p. 383

Prepare for Rite of the Kheperu: The Ways of Becoming p. 411

Write a short essay on the image of Isis that you plan to use for working this Rite by using the writing prompts on p. 414 paragraph 3.  This is another writing that you may consider composing as a submission to Isis-Seshat Journal.

Rite of the Throne: Building the Isis Within p. 428

 Perform the Scorpion Rite to help you to achieve a goal or to help you solve a problem

 Rites of Life:  The Opening of the Ways for an Ever-Living One p. 408

Once a Week

Choose from meditations beginning on p. 457

 Choose a Rite from the ‘Once’ list to practice again

Optional Rites to complete from Isis Magic chapter 13

The Rite of the Tet prior to settling into meditation

Rite of the Kheperu may be completed during this level or planned for Level 6

Celebration for the Birth of a Horus child p. 393

The Marriage of Isis and Osiris p. 397

Read only— an appropriate rite of the season .


  Awakening Osiris chapters 29-39

  Mysteries of Isis chapters 8, 14, 17, 19

Isis Magic chapters 4,9, workings of chapter 13

The Passion of Isis and Osiris: All of Part 1