Level 7: Priestess of Isis Intensive Training

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And here you are…

You’ve come such a long way with Isis and the neteru! You’ve really worked and played and stretched and grown….probably in many ways in which you didn’t even envision for your Self when you began this amazing journey with the beloved Goddess of All That Is.

This final level will really intensify the work, ask you to put your Self into the role of her priestess in a more tangible way and prepare you for a lifetime of walking with her and embodying her light as it merges with your light in the world around you. This is the time to think about how you will embody Isis in your life and to determine what it truly means to you to live as her priestess. If you’d like to write a paper on it or a paragraph or two or simply write up a “Mission Statement” that helps to solidify it and bring it into deeper clarity.

As you move through this level, have this in mind as you commune with her and we will be touching base on it together before your ordination. Time frame….let it take as long as it needs to but figure on about 2-3 months , depending on how much time you have to devote to the exercises and really soak them in.

There is no race to the finish! Let Isis guide you, push you, and encourage gentleness. Everything will be in perfect timing, I’m sure of it!

Let’s begin!


Daily workings


You will want to keep a new journal for this last level, called the Final Level Journal and it will be simpler than previous ones you have kept for this course and can also include any dreams you may want to make note of during this final level, including your own interpretations. Just make note on things asked of you during this level (in the papers) and other experiences that are special and meaningful, dreams, readings you might do, other spiritual types of experiences, these things you will want to make note of during this level, so it will be simpler and more engaging for you as well.

Morning Rite to Isis

I would encourage you to continue offering your Morning Rite to Isis each day, but I also realize that it may begin to feel stagnate and repetitive.  So for this level I’d like for you to really change something once a week.  You can get up an hour earlier to incorporate meditation time with her after your prayer, you can offer her your breakfast (using food that is sacred to her...grains, fruits, milk, etc), dress her and anoint her statue with oil.  This will add a special level of deep sacredness to your practice. Look to texts on temple practices to see how you can incorporate this addition into your Morning Rite.

Evening Rite to Isis

This is a rite that you had the opportunity to begin exploring in Level 4 and again throughout Level 5 and 6. Continue this rite throughout the rest of the training and as with the Morning Rite, add a layer to it, perhaps undressing the goddess, offering her incense or lavender or doing a short meditation to encourage dreaming once a week.

Do Once/Week

Becoming the Oracle of Isis (Channeling)..

Write or record messages you receive from Isis or the neteru. If you are familiar with the publication called Sedona Journal, you can look to it for guidance on how to approach the message and how to get an idea of your question to work with. If you have questions about this, feel free to ask me as well …. I have some ideas!

Channeling is to receive guidance, not to be a party trick. Ask a question that plagues you about life, nature, people, karma, animals, life after and before death, stories of the neteru…..anything that puzzles you and that you would like answers to. Sit in meditation, prepare as you have to receive the spirit of Isis/the neteru and either be prepared to write or record what you hear/say. Include this in your journal.

Add to your Morning Rite and Evening Right and keep record of your changes and additions in your journal.

I referenced this work in the above paragraph….check up there for ideas

Give a reading to someone NEW

You can use initiates in the Iseum if you like or strangers or friends….but read for someone you don’t really know very well. You can even read me once or twice! :)

Choose a Ritual

Choose a ritual to do each week…perhaps the “Opening of the Ways” often or another ritual that make you feel like a Priestess and close to Isis.

Do Once

  • Make a crown for ordination (instructions and ideas below)

  • Create a seasonal ritual of your own and write it out using all parts of the ritual practice so that someone could read through it and perform it as you have been throughout the program

  • Write a paper on an aspect of Isis that speaks to you the most.  The purpose of this paper is for you to submit this to the Isian News for publication.  You can check them out and subscribe/get a copy of past issues here: http://isiannews.blogspot.com/

  • Perform the Honoring of Isis Within, outlined below

  • Prepare and perform the Ritual of Making a Priestess from Isis Magic. As you get closer to completing this level, we will talk about what you need to do to be ready for ordination

The Honoring of Isis Within Ritual (to do once)

It can be very devotionally enhancing and inspiring to your inner awareness of divinity to choose a day and perform a sort of spiritual vigil… marking and keeping the Hours as a way of Honoring Isis

Within for the day, the night, or both. To align these brief but meaningful hourly Honorings of Isis Within, make use of a current newspaper, almanac, or the Internet to find out the exact time of the Sunrise on the day that you will perform this vigil. You will want to perform this each and every hour, with intent, reverence and love, as this is a beautiful devotion to Isis, and begin accordingly. Below is an example (please write your own) of the kinds of blessings, affirmations, statements of praise, prayers, etc. that you will want to create yourself to mark the Hours of your Devotional Vigil to Isis and your own Spirituality.

At the start of each new Hour of the Honoring of Isis Within, you will recite something like the following---but with words that you will write yourself ~Here is a “Day” version to get you inspired:

First Hour of the Day: Dawn – Golden Isis of First Light, She Who is One with the Sun. I cherish your light in my life. I exalt your daily resurrection and ask Your Blessing on me for all of this Beautiful Day.

Second Hour of the Day: O Mighty Isis, cleanse me with thy Waters, purify me by Your sacred Breath and everlasting Love. May I experience your presence in everything that I see on this Holy Day.

Third Hour of the Day: Goddess of Creation, come, awaken in me anew on this Glorious Day. Protect and guide me in all my dealings. Grant that I may be kept safe and strong on this divine path that you have determined for me.

Fourth Hour of the Day: She Who Bringeth Growth, Goddess of Abundance, Divine Provider of All Things, grant that I have that which I need upon this Joyous Day.

Fifth Hour of the Day: Greatest of Educators, Divine Teacher of Heru the Victorious, Goddess of All Wisdom, grant that I may have the inner Knowledge I need to serve Thee on this Exquisite Day.

Sixth Hour of the Day: O Mighty Isis; would Thou touch my lips with Thy divine wings; grant to me the eternal breath to sing Thy praises unceasingly! All Hail to Queen Isis, Great Goddess of Life, Peace and Healing, on this Excellent Day!

Seventh Hour of the Day: Noon – All praise Isis-Ra! Divine Creator of Warmth and Light; Beautific Golden Orb Who Sails across the Sky! O, grant me the pure Light of your Infinite Truth, Awareness and Wisdom, on this Magical Day!

Eighth Hour of the Day: Be Thou with me in my challenges and trials, O Mighty Isis! Grant that I may share in Thy Infinite Power and limitless Strength. Protect me against injustice and slander in Thy Mighty Name of Ma’at, on this most Marvelous Day!

Ninth Hour of the Day: May your servant’s burdens be lightened in Thy Divine Presence, Nebet Auset. May all works that come through my hands be done with reverence and joy in Thy Great Name of Seshat. Grant that this humble servant be pleasing to You, O Divine Isis, on this Blessed Day!

Tenth Hour of the Day: My gladdened heart leaps! I ceaselessly celebrate the utter joys of knowing Thee, O Beautiful Isis. I am jubilant in Thy Majestic Presence! O Glorious Isis, She Whose Radiance is Beyond Measure. I praise Thee unceasingly on this Ecstatic Day!

Eleventh Hour of the Day: Whenever I grow tired, it is always Thee, most Gracious Isis, who comforts and supports me. You share with me your infinite Energy, constant encouragement and divine healing, and You lovingly alleviate my worries. Hail Unnefer Aset, on this Magnificent Day!

Twelfth Hour of the Day: Within Thy closeness I experience the All, the Absolute Reality, the Ultimate, Almighty, Abundant Source of All That Is. Grant that I may live forever within Thy divine presence on this Brilliant Day!


On the Day that you keep the vigil of Honoring of Isis Within, write down any impressions, feelings or spiritual connections, visions and experiences that you may have in your Final Level Journal. After the experience is over, whether you kept your Vigil for 12 hours, 18 or 24, please write at least a paragraph in your journal expressing how the experience made you feel and again, any significant feelings or impressions that you may have had during the day/night. There will be a lot that is beyond words and I understand this, but do your best to really express a key experience or feeling you had during this devotion 

Make a Crown for ordination

"With this crown I dignify thy head...the new Priestess is then crowned and receives her stole and wand. These three represent true vision, the heart of love and the will to use creative power for good."--Lady Olivia Robertson, 'Ordination of Priestesses and Priests'

Making a Crown of metal:

Making a crown of metal for your ordination is easier than it might appear at first. The following instructions are for a band made out of a strip of sheet metal; you may use copper, brass, nickel, silver, sterling silver or gold-filled sheet (or karat gold, if you can afford it!). This crown consists of a plain band, which can then be embellished with a crystal or medallion if you wish. As with making your other vestments for ordination, keep color correspondences and properties of gemstones and metals in mind when selecting your materials.

You will need the following tools:

1- A pair of pliers with smooth jaws, not ridged or serrated (otherwise they will leave unwanted marks on your metal)

2- A pair of metal or tin snips

3- A tube of two-part epoxy (optional)

4- A metal file

5- A drill with drill bits that are capable of making holes in sheet metal

The materials needed for your metal crown are:

1- A sheet or strip of copper (or whatever metal you decide to use) that is long enough to fit around your head (this will form the band of the crown)

2- Some metal wire (copper, brass, nickel, silver or sterling silver) to hold the crystal or medallion piece onto the band (optional)

3- A crystal or medallion of the size and type you desire, preferably about one inch long (optional)

4- Two pieces of cord, each one about a foot long

5- An extra piece of metal sheet cut into a rectangular piece to fit behind the crystal or medallion (optional)

The construction of your crown begins by cutting the metal sheet to form a band. Be careful of any sharp edges and file them smooth immediately after you have finished cutting the metal strip. Make the strip long enough to fit around your head minus one half to one inch to allow for fastening at the back. Once the filing has been completed, drill holes on either end of the metal band so that the pieces of cord can be drawn through the ends. Tie and knot the pieces of cord on each side and use these to tie the headband in place when it is ready to be worn.

Before ordination make sure that the cords have been knotted in the proper position and tied securely, so that the officiating priestess or priest only has to slip it on over your head. You may want to add beads or a fancy knot at the end of each piece of cord for a decorative effect. A headband or circlet of this type is very easy to make. It is not necessary to add a stone or medallion to the front of the band. If a crystal mounting is desired, measure the headband to find the exact middle of the front, mark it with a pencil and position the crystal with the flat side against the band (one side is usually flatter than the others).

Bend the wire around the crystal and the band in a crossed over pattern and keep tension tight for the most secure possible fit. Wrap the ends of the wire through to the front of the band and twist them into the crossed over wires that are holding the crystal point (or other stone). This may take some practice on a leftover piece of scrap metal before attempting the final work on the headband. Also be sure and keep the tension of the wire tight. One aid in this step is to first glue the crystal into place with two-part epoxy. But don't count on glue alone to hold the crystal in place on the metal band... it won't!

You may have to adjust the wire with your pliers a few times to make a good fit. The crystal may still be slightly loose, but as long as the wire is wrapped securely at the base and tip to form a 'cage' or 'net' for the crystal it will stay in place. Depending on the width of your headband, it can be helpful to drill one or two small holes on either side of the crystal to lace the wire through (like a shoelace). Make sure that the holes aren't too big, but sized just so the wire fits through easily but snugly. You may want to insert a disc or piece of metal sheet behind the crystal. It will aid in keeping a tight fit between the crystal and copper band.

After the silver disc or piece of metal sheet is fitted into place, then carefully put a few drops of the two-part epoxy around the crystal, the silver disc and the copper band. This should seal them tightly together for a secure fit. The same basic technique described above can be applied to fastening a medallion, bead or pendant to the front of the band.

Making a Crown of wrapped fabric:

Use a plastic or metallic headband (department store, drug store, beauty supply, or accessories shops in the mall) and wrap it with satin, silk or velvet. It can then be embellished with metallic cord, beads, small stones, etc. This can be very effective and a great way to make a "travel crown" to slip in a suitcase when going out of town for a clerical function! It is also simple and affordable to make and I highly recommend going with this crown if your budget is a little tight and you simply cannot go out and get all of these other items... Another method of decoration would be to use dried flowers, herbs or leaves or a combination of all the above!

Making a Crown out of loomed beadwork:

If you have skill and knowledge of loomed beading, a band utilizing appropriate colors for your vestments can be very effective. A crystal, pendant or some other type of mounting can be placed on the front of the band. It can be made to slip onto the head or have cords to tie it in the back. As with the metal crown make sure that the cords are knotted to the proper position and tied securely so that the officiating priestess or priest only has to slip it onto your head during ordination.

Making a headpiece out of chain:

You can make a Byzantine or medieval looking chain headpiece using pieces of chain and beads or pearls. It requires some patience but is technically simple to make. Measure a circle of chain that will fit your head and add on the rest from there. You will need to start with a small ring resting flat at the crown of your head. From this ring attach four lengths of chain with jump rings to four equal distance points on a circle of chain that will rest upon your brow. A kind of open cap is the result. Then add loops of chain to hang at the back and sides in a balanced pattern for the Byzantine effect. Pearls and beads may be added to hang from the middle of the loops like drops. Let your imagination be your guide! This type of headpiece is very attractive, but not the most practical for ordination, when the officiating priestess or priest must place it on your head during the ceremony, if you are not doing the ritual alone. It does require careful handling and a few minutes to slip on and adjust in place.

Making a Crown by Sewing:

1- One alternative material that is very easy, attractive, quick and also inexpensive to use is elastic. There are metallic colored elastics in gold and silver that can be easily used for a headband and a pendant, crystal, medallion or some other type of decoration can be added by stitching it onto the band. There is also elastic cord that can be used as a thread for brass, copper, porcelain or ceramic beads. This could also make a very attractive type of crown and would also be convenient for traveling.

   2- A method that would be feasible for someone skilled in stitchery would be to make a band that has been decorated in hand embroidery. If you would like this option, but embroidery is not your strong point, then use one of the many beautiful machine-embroidered trims that are available at fabric stores. Again, this band can also have a crystal, pendant or other decoration added to the front by stitching it into place. It can also be tied with a cord in the back.

 References: Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum -FOI


Level 7 Summary/Checklist


Do Once

  • Make a crown for ordination

  • Create a seasonal ritual of your own and write it out using all parts of the ritual practice so that someone could read through it and perform it as you have been throughout the program

  • Write a paper on an aspect of Isis that speaks to you the most.  The purpose of this paper is for you to submit this to the Isian News for publication.  You can check them out and subscribe/get a copy of past issues here: http://isiannews.blogspot.com/


  • Isis Magic: Oracular Rites p 485-496

  • Mysteries of Isis: 22, 23, 24

  • Passion of Isis/Osiris: Part 3 -- Process is optional, journal process is required (p251);

  • Passion of Isis/Osiris: Part 3 -- Process 7 and journal p 297;

  • Passion of Isis/Osiris: Part 3 -- Process 11 and journal,

  • Passion of Isis/Osiris: Part 3 -- Process 12 Journal only, Optional journal p 329

  • Awakening Osiris Ch. 40 - 68

  • Journal

  • Dream Journal

  • Morning rite

  • Evening Rite

  • Oracle reading and journaling

Do Once/Week

  • Becoming the Oracle of Isis (Channeling)...write or record messages

  • During your Morning Rite add something and write about it in your journal

  • During your Evening Rite add something and write about it in your journal

  • Give a reading to someone new (you can use initiates in the Iseum if you like or strangers or friends….but read for someone you don’t really know very well)