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How do you want to FEEL?

One of the greatest. questions. ever.  This question has been a game-changer for me.  

I incorporate this into my life and my workshops because the Goddess has such practical lessons for us within our own Divinity.....and because I want you to get your hands on some of the good feels, too, I’ve got some resources for you below.  

Click on what your soul is drawn to, place your order, wait patiently for the mailman to bring you a special package full of divinely inspired words to support you as you start creating your life from the inside out.  

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Author: Normandi Ellis

For anyone who loves Egypt, books by Normandi Ellis are a MUST HAVE in your library! From her touching memoir, Dreams of Isis to her beautiful translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, to her instructional and alchemical books such as The Union of Isis and Thoth and Imagining the World Into Existence you’ll be transported back into your Self buried under the Sands of Time, emerging once again shining with the light of the Divine within.


The Desire Map

This book and its message were a life-saver to me during the early days of my separation from my 20-year marriage. Reframing my mindset and being mindful of how I wanted to feel everyday brought me out of depression and heartache little by little as I listened to my desires and surrendered to them. It made me hungry for more and soon I was actively seeking out ways to embody my Core Desired Feelings. It continues to help me live the life I want to live and live it in the way I want to…no apologies.


White Hot Truth

Brilliant book on looking deeper into our New Age World thought patterns and behaviors. Funny, poignant, and a great way to gain some much needed perspective on life and “the way it is”