Online Courses

I’m so glad you’re here….I have some incredible online courses available for you to connect to the magic that is Egypt! 

These are courses that, once enrolled, you have Lifetime Access to and you are welcome to visit them as often as your soul craves them.  There are audio files to listen to, videos to watch, journals to explore and your soul to listen to.

All of my courses are aligned with the Mystery School of Egypt and the Gods and Goddesses that still live and breathe in the temples along the Nile and that lie hidden in the desert and within your own heart and soul as archetypes of Divinity. 

There’s so much that we can find buried under our own sand that only by following the call of this ancient land will you be able to discover and understand. 

The courses are designed to be both interactive as well as solitary and to be embarked on as a part of your Sacred Experience.  Yes....your Sacred Experience. 

Digging deeper into the primordial mound and diving into the sacred waters of what the Ancient Egyptians referred to as the Nun — a place of unending possibilities of creation — to discover and understand your own Divine Blueprint sounds pretty sacred to me!

So, take a look, listen to your heart and answer....magic is waiting for you!

What's a class with me like?

"Everything was so organized and easy to follow! I learned so much and really loved the way you explained everything in a way that I could relate to. " -- Pamela J., Chicago, IL

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“The topics of investigation you explore apply to both women and men and could be very helpful and healing to everyone. While the coursework is not intended as a "self-help" process, I have healed more from going through it than I have in over three years of therapy and countless self-help books they provided.” — John A.

Navigating Mercury Retrograde 

Looking back.

An Egyptian Mystery School approach to self-discovery and mindfulness as you look back on the patterns inside your own personal blueprints.  You'll be led to discover more in key areas of your life and how to invoke the power of the Egyptian Goddess Mut as you explore: 

  • Week 1: Family Connections

  • Week 2: Spiritual Past

  • Week 3: Relationships/Intimacy

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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses 101

The Gods and Goddesses of Egypt breathe and live alongside of us but how do we reach out and touch them back?  Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Osiris, Thoth and others of the Egyptian pantheon are all waiting to introduce themselves to you on a very personal level and to guide you and offer support any time you call upon them.

In this comprehensive online workshop you’ll learn how to read between the lines of their stories and walk more closely with them as you move through the alchemy of your own daily life.  You will have the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful Gods and Goddesses of this ancient place, work with their energy, and enjoy these new relationships in your life every day. They will come alive to you in a way that you may have never experienced before through meditation, invocation, ritual, and journaling.  They will sit with you and support you in this transformational workshop as you experience the magic that is Ancient Egypt.


Past Lives and YOU

Where DID you come from?  Who is in your Soul Family?  All the things that you do and that make you YOU are a part of your body and spirit on a cellular level.  Work with your past, memories, experiences and fears to better understand your present life and its challenges.  This will be an experiential workshop filled with deep insight and magic...invite it in!



Egyptian Archetypes and Relationships

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are not just Beings who are “out There”, out of reach and unconcerned about our lives here on this plane of existence.  They are compassionate and loving individuals who care deeply about our pain and celebrate our successes alongside of us as any good friend would. They are here with us to share their guidance in relationships