The Moon and Me...

New Moon in Pisces

Your Moon Message.....

Here it is, loves!  Your New Moon in Pisces transformational message.  So settle into something comfy, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and let's dive in!

Moon Music for Meditation


A special Musical Note:  The music for this Moon Meditation is unlike any music I have played before.  Like the message, it is channeled and tuned in to the Music of the Spheres and the Zodiac signs, which gives it an otherworldly feel to it.  As with the Messages, settle in and breathe and prepare to listen with all the cells of your body.  Let the power of the moon's watery intuition blend with the water of your body to transform you and give you the healing you need right now.

New Moon in Pisces... Thoughts and Explorations

This worksheet is designed to guide you deeper into the moon's message for you once you have listened to the Moon Message.  You can read through it as you listen to the Music for Meditation if you like or read through it first and then listen to the music.  Know that the moon is here to support you and she can't wait to pull you into all the wonderful blessings that are waiting for you...listen, let go, trust. 

Watery Pisces

Because this New Moon is in Pisces, I wanted to let you in on some things that will help you swim through this New Moon.  Please note that not everyone feels each moon in exactly the same way and that how you are feeling is exactly the way you should be feeling.  Try to stay out of the comparison game and end up disappointed in your experiences because your apples are not the same as someone else's bananas!! As with all things, there are extremes and the New Moon in Pisces is no exception.   Pisces is a watery sign and therefore brings in a flood of emotions ranging from extreme bliss and happiness to deep and dark focusing on pain and sorrow.  Wherever you are emotionally, remind yourself in the days leading up to and following this moon cycle to be very soft and gentle with yourself. Breathe mindfully so that you don't drown in the waters of this New Moon.  Relax and enjoy the buoyancy!  Float along the lazy river awhile and listen for the rush of the rapids ahead and know that the waterfall is not too steep and that you will survive!  I just know you will!!

Pisces is also a highly intuitive sign and in this phase of the new moon it is intuition veiled in the darkness, in a secret place.  It may be time to go within in your spiritual journey and read more about crystals, numerology, astrology, working with angels or the goddess, dreaming or channeling.  Spend time expanding your intuition and trusting the connections you have to the wisdom of the Universe.

With all of this in mind, give yourself permission to enjoy a long, luxurious bath illuminated by your favorite candles and top it off with a yummy tea to soothe you from head to toe...from inside out.  

Give yourself permission to be intuitive and to follow your gut.  Open your third eye to your dream life and your psychic abilities.  Meditate, journal, chant...explore the world of Spirit with a renewed sense of newness, just like this new moon in Pisces.  She is there to guide and support you...unseen but powerfully present.

Some notes on the Solar Eclipse during this New Moon in Pisces

Eclipses come in pairs.  First we experience the lunar eclipse and the earth comes between the moon and the sun and we see our reflection move across the surface of the moon.  Two weeks later we have the twin solar eclipse during which time the moon comes between the earth and the sun and we can see the shadow of the moon move across the surface of the sun (by looking into some reflective pool, never directly at the sun, of course).  While we have a catalyst in the softness of a lunar eclipse, the energy of the solar eclipse can be seen as a loving expression of the moon intervening and putting itself between us and the radical shifts the sun's energy invites us to make.  

Yes, embrace the power of the solar eclipse to fuel everything that needs to take place for you.  Notice the passionate way it is trying to transform in your life and the ways that it may seem to be a little pushy and hard and defined.  Breathe into the energy of this New Moon in Pisces to soften the hard places when you need to and breathe into the energy of the solar eclipse and the sun itself to fan the flames of movement and alchemical magic.  Some of this for you truly NEEDS to happen!  See what it might feel like to trust and move into it without fighting it or trying to control it so much.  

Open your intuitive third eye and your innate knowing to see into the future of you that sometimes is too clouded and hard to see because everything is too bright and taking too much of your focus.  When the moon steps in, you can see some of the edges and remember your path.


How this moon spoke to me....

1.  What is my intuition telling me?

2.  What are some of the breadcrumbs in my life?  

3.  Who is offering support to me?  How willingly do I receive support?

4.  What dreams and inspirations do you wish to pull out of yourself and dance in the middle of?

5.  What parts of yourself feel too small and vulnerable, unimportant and invisible, naked and exposed?  How can you nurture them into being confident, matured, important, visible, and empowered?

6.  What intuitive interests do you want to renew? (ex. crystals, oracle cards, energy healing, chanting)

7.  What are the radical shifts I know I need to make in my life to find more happiness and fulfillment?

8.  What would it be like to soften around the edges when I need to make some tough decisions?

9.  Spend some time journaling with your write and see what she wants to say. 


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