Navigating Mercury Retrograde:  Week 1


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Week 1 Explorations

This week we are going to explore some of your family connections. There are activities offered here for you each day and you can dive in as deeply as you like or just get your toes wet on any of the suggestions.  

Here you will find your audio introduction and overview for the week, your PDF file with all of your explorations to navigate this week, as well as the audio file with music for meditation based on the name of the Egyptian goddess Mut.

This is YOUR course to take from it what YOU need. Enjoy the process!

Lots of love,



Start here with your audio for this week.


Here is your downloadable music for a short meditation with the Egyptian Goddess Mut


Check out your daily explorations here


Want to share part of your journey with me or have a question?  Send it to me here...I can't wait to hear from you!

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