Navigating Mercury Retrograde: Week 3

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Week 3 Explorations

This week we are going to explore some of your past relationship patterns, current relationship patterns, perhaps some visualization of your future relationship needs and desires you wish to manifest.  We will also explore some of the ways your spiritual beliefs have influenced your relationship with your body and sexuality as well as how your spiritual beliefs have influenced your level of comfort with intimacy in your relationships.

Here you will find your audio introduction and overview for the week, your PDF file with all of your explorations to navigate this week, as well as the audio file with music for meditation based on the name of the Egyptian goddess Mut.

This is YOUR course to take from it what YOU need. Enjoy the process!


** A SPECIAL NOTEPlease note that I am not a relationship expert.  I have relationships to navigate as I experience Life as we all do and there are times I struggle.  BUT I take time to look deeper to understand...not always right away because I AM still human to some degree  ;)   And boy, have I learned a lot and in the best of lives, the learning never stops.

I do not claim to have all the answers but I DO know that, if we listen to our hearts and are willing to look deeper into our patterns and triggers, we can grow and go forward in a new way.  Relationships are immensely complex...even the Egyptian neteru (gods/goddesses) had their own divine family disfunction to deal with and these archetypes have been put in place for us to learn from, so that perhaps our own experiences can progress differently.

This portion of the course has been Divinely guided by Mut and Amun.  As I read their stories, they shared with me those parts of the story that were between the lines, so to speak.  This is EXACTLY what I want you to do in this section.  Learn, learn, and go deeper and then learn some more!  

As with all learning, it comes with responsibility.  It is your choice what you do with your new knowledge.  I trust that you will embark upon this part of your journey with the guidance of Mut and Amun and see that there is Divinity even within the "messy" parts.


Start here with your audio for this week


Here is your downloadable music for a short meditation with the Egyptian Goddess Mut and her husband Amun


Check out your daily explorations here


A little gift from my heart to yours.....

I wanted to give you a little gift as you finish this powerful and transformative course.  It is a song composed of L-O-V-E....the vibration and sound of the word the same way I tune in and compose Soul Song Recordings.

You've traveled long and hard with your Self through this course and here is a place for you to rest, relax, and breathe.  Breathe into love and this new way of living love in your life.



Want to share part of your journey with me or have a question?  Send it to me here...I can't wait to hear from you!

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