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The Great Lakes Retreat

If you are looking for a place for spiritual development and fellowship, a place to relax and experience a week full of lectures, workshops, music, drumming, auctions, healing experiences and more, then this is the place for you!

I am very excited about this year's program, and hope you will be able to join me. The Great Lakes Retreat has been meeting every summer at Olivet College, for over 30 years. Each year their goal is to offer a high quality, week-long program for a reasonable price. 

I'll be teaching a different workshop each day and presenting a well as participating in the Variety Show and you KNOW you don't want to miss that!


Come see me at these workshops:

Building a Spiritual Business

You’ve got spiritual gifts that you want to get out in the world...but how do you do that?  In this workshop you will get an overview of some of the things to consider when building your unique spiritually based business.  Websites, email lists, how to get the word out, what to focus on...we will cover all of these and more!

The Business of Spirituality: Workshops & Retreats

So you have a spiritual business and want to expand beyond your part of the world and venture into other areas of the country to enjoy travel, networking, serving more people and manifesting abundance.  We will get an overview of some of the things to consider when putting together a retreat, and how to collaborate with others to bring success full circle from venues, presenters and participants. Learn how to choose your team of presenters, location and logistics, pricing and profit.

How Past Lives Heal the Present

Where DID you come from?  Who is in your Soul Family?  All the things that you do and that make you YOU are a part of your body and spirit on a cellular level.  Work with your past, memories, experiences and fears to better understand your present life and its challenges. This will be an experiential workshop filled with deep insight and magic...invite it in!

Using Egyptian Archetypes for Better Relationships

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are not just Beings who are “out There”, out of reach and unconcerned about our lives here on this plane of existence.  They are compassionate and loving individuals who care deeply about our pain and celebrate our successes alongside of us as any good friend would.  They are here with us to share their guidance in relationships

Divination and Mediumship

How many decks of oracle cards do you have in your Spiritual Toolbox?  Is there one deck that calls to you or that you would like to understand better...and what is Mediumship?!  Bring your oracle cards, your open heart and a sense of humor (you know the Universe will!) and learn how to tap in and give messages to others and use divination in your own life.

I'll also be presenting the lecture:  “What it means to be a Modern Day Priestess”

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