We are all Beings of Divine Light.

We are all Beings of Divine Light.  We all embody the light of the Goddess inside.  When our stars align in this lifetime we begin to remember and long for communion with All That Is...with All That We Are.  

The Goddess is not something that is just a thought or something intangible.

She is.... Alive...Vibrant...Accessible...

Focusing on the Goddesses of Egypt, I offer readings,  courses and Intuitive Coaching to help you rediscover the Goddess inside of YOU.  

 Get your Soul Song Recording ... for you, a loved one, or a pet!

 Going through the shifts of a changing calendar and family obligations and travel, sometimes you need a tune up.  You need time to tune in ... to listen to your heart, to your soul, to the YOU that has been overwhelmed.  Soul Songs are a natural way to receive an energetic tune up for your body, mind and spirit.  I use your name and numerology and compose a beautiful, original song that is just for you...encoded with your light, your heartbeat,  your purpose.  These can be used anytime you need to reconnect to your inner essence, for meditation, for driving in your car, while you prepare dinner, etc.

I also offer these special Soul Songs for pets, loved ones as gifts, and children and as part of a reading if you would like some added insight.

**When you sign up, please enter the name you wish to have as  your Soul Song, AND your email address so I can send the link to you!  (Sometimes your Paypal email is different from the one you predominately use)  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery to your Inbox.

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