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The Goddess Inside.....

It's all about you....and truly embodying your Divinity, your birthright, your own Goddess inside

It's about freedom of expression, listening to the rhythms of the earth and sky and how it affects your body

It's about accessing ancient wisdom that you forgot that you remembered

It's about the Divine, to the earth, to each other and to the ancient wisdom hidden inside

It's about being and being real, inside and out

The Goddess is Alive...Vibrant...Accessible...and Inside YOU!

You don't have to be on this journey into the mysteries of the goddess alone....join me for online courses, intuitive coaching, and workshops all over the country. 

I'm here to help guide you to the voices of the ancient ones, the powerful and loving Goddesses of Egypt and weave all of that magic into your every day life. 

Together we'll rediscover the voice of the Goddess inside of YOU.  

What people are saying....

"Your class had a big impact on me and the soul song session was amazing.  The song made me cry the first few times I heard it, each time with a lower degree of pain. The pain was gone after about four times, and then there was peace. I love my song!  It is so beautiful!"  -- Lorena M.

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