My Grandmother’s Rocking Chair

This is a longer blog than usual, but …. it’s my way of honoring my grandmother, so grab a cup of tea and a blanket and settle in. As you read along wherever you are, may you get to know my grandmother, recall memories from your own family, and as always be inspired in some way.

My Grandmother

My grandmother, Doris, passed away from ovarian cancer when I was 16 in 1987. It was my first experience with death and it…

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How you can bring Ancient Egypt to LIFE!!

Ancient Egypt truly has so much to teach us and by learning a little more about it, you can bring its magic into your own daily life....and without freaking out your friends and relatives who don't follow your spiritual path or way of thinking!

The Egyptian Goddess, Isis, was a master shape-shifter and was able to serve and minister to the people in villages all across Egypt without revealing her "true Self". This is such an important practice, especially when you're….

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Plugging back in

My presentation reminded me of something….

You know, so often when we teach we end of speaking to our Self as well.

Let me tell you about this one band camp.....

Ok, so it wasn't technically at band camp, but I was teaching at the Great Lakes Retreat which is LIKE camp for grown ups and there IS music there. Anyway, I was also giving a lecture presentation entitled, "Your Divine Heart and the Feather of Truth."

I upped my game and put together slide presentations for both my classes and the presentation and actually for the presentation it was more distracting for me but I think it helped the audience.

The presentation went well and I felt the presence of the

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Enter into the New...the Nu: A Place of Potentiality

The Ancient Egyptians believed in the possibility of more than just one thing at a time.  They believed that multiple planes of existence could coexist simultaneously. There was more than one creation story and there was more than one possibility of reality.  They were a little like Alice in Wonderland, “believing in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast”…..

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When Seeds are Planted

The magic of Egypt never ceases to amaze me.  The light there is unlike the light I've seen anywhere in the world....and although Life is good for me here, a part of my heart and soul is always there.  It’s as if the sands of time have settled deep into the marrow of my bones so that my heart and my feet are always there in some ethereal way. There is truly something about Egypt that gets into your soul in a way that no other place on earth does.  You can see it in the eyes of the people visiting and in their voices when they return home, wanting with such a deep longing to go back.

A few blogs ago I wrote about the way Egypt called to me and I ended up going back with the opportunity to work.  Without a doubt, Isis prepared the way that day that she stood in ….

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Feeling "Whelmed" & Washing Machines

Winter has these past several years been difficult for me, as it is for many who crave the light that is so often hidden behind grey clouds month after month.  My plan was to rewire my brain's way of thinking and I decided I would just keep reminding my Self that, "It will be Spring before we know it!"  And guess what?  It's…….

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The Virtue of Angels and takeaway from Doreen Virtue's new direction

For many of us in the New Age world the name Doreen Virtue is one of great significance and one that we readily associate with all things Angelic.  Her work certainly opened up a lot for me in my spiritual journey and helped me to see things in a way that was open to possibilities rather than restricted by rules and dogma.

Time is elusive to me but I noticed a change in her direction with the work that she was putting out in the world as her books and oracle/tarot decks were beginning to have a connection to Jesus rather than angels, mermaids, and other Ascended Masters.  Her shift was quietly……

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Be open. Surrender.

I gave this as a topic to explore in my Iseum's first online gathering…what does your year ahead look like with the Egyptian Goddess Isis?

I was in the home office working on all the Things, taxes, website, accounting and balancing the checkbook, sending out things I needed to send to upcoming know, all the Things....and I started to…

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When Ghosts Leave the Toilet Seat Up!

Um, did you know that ghosts mess with toilet seats?  Well, I've now had two experiences with that very odd thing and I wanted to tell you all about it! While it's true I work in the world of the unseen, it's also true that I don't stay plugged in to that world 24/7 and have some really strict boundaries so that I can get through each day as a "normal" person.  Sometimes, though, things……

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Fear....and "What you gonna do about that?"

"Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears."
         - Rudyard Kipling

Sometimes you see hints of it so you know it's there but most of the time I work super hard to work THROUGH it and maybe even dissect it a little here and there to make it more beneficial and meaningful.

I know the working title of this post is a bit wordy but….

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The Power of Time Travel

I've done it again.  But this time it felt really different and it changed me in a new way.

Time Travel.  Literally.  Not the kind you see in the movies with a flux capacitor and bolts of lightning on the town clock or swirls of craziness in a hot tub time machine, but the real deal kind that changes your life for realz.

Back in November I said "YES!" to the……

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My Modern Day Feast of Hathor

Tonight the scene from where I sit on the porch of the church that I grew up in is much different from what it was 24 hours ago.  The streets are now quiet and the shops are all closed and the sound of locusts in the trees is all that you hear.  Last night it was different.  Last night it was as if

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Time to Retreat, a.k.a. Finding Space for Magic

The Great Lakes Retreat 2018 was nothing short of incredible!  I felt so blessed to be invited back for my 3rd year of teaching and offering readings, Soul Songs, and photo sessions and I truly enjoyed spending time with my GLR family.  This retreat has been held for over 35 years and not only is it a big spiritual family reunion, it could also be called Camp for Grown-ups or an annual Pajama Party.  Either way, good times are to be found everywhere...and did I mention that I felt so blessed?!

This year the format was different but it allowed for some real magic to happen in the midst of constant motion for me.  Everything I do....I did it last week, and some of it ……………

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There was this one yoga class.....

Have you ever gotten completely turned around in a yoga class, or maybe just in Life in general?  Well, I'm not too proud to admit that I did and I want to share a little epiphany I had right there on my yoga mat in this week's Goddess Diaries Vlog.

Sending you so much matter which direction you are facing

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Share some of your epiphanies with me in the comments...I'd love to hear all about it!

Independence Day...for you and for me

LR Edit -4814 TGI.jpg
LR Edit -4967.jpg

How was YOUR Independence Day?

I got up at 5:30 AM on July 4th to participate in a 5K walk and while on the walk I was really struck by the fact that today is Independence Day. It's powerful to realize ways in which you've unleashed your own independence, isn't it? Today might just be the day you unleash a little more.

As I walked those excruciating last 2 miles     (I really had to pee!) I walked alone. I walked independently of all that has happened to me. I walked uninhibited by the past and just kept looking forward, forward, forward.

I had grandiose plans to walk that 5K in record time, but I soon realized that was NOT going to happen, so I just kept walking, and listening, and healing all the places that needed to be healed by walking alone, in a crowd of people, on Independence Day.

MY Independence Day. my own personal Groundhog Day movie. It gets better each day.

If fear is holding you back, embrace it and bring it along for the ride.

Sending you so much love. You got this!

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Prayers Whispered by Flowers

Yes, true story, Virginia....  

I came across this tiny little rose bud whispering prayers while going through my images from the weekend trip to Virginia where I was teaching a workshop and offering readings, Soul Songs, and performing a benefit concert.  

LR Edit -4799.jpg


It was Sunday morning and I was told about a lovely little rose garden not too far of a walk from the church where I was staying.  I truly love being outside, taking walks, listening to the sounds of Nature all around me and tuning in to any messages from the Universe that I need to hear.  I took my camera because I also love taking pictures and wanted to get some "stock" photos for my IG page that would go well with messages I wanted to share.  I took lots of pictures of the roses and really enjoyed my time in the garden.

During the church service that morning, one of the congregational songs was "In the Garden" which is one of my favorites.  As I stood there just listening to the sounds of the people singing, I began to notice the voice of the man singing behind me.  He had the most beautiful baritone and with my eyes closed I just soaked it all in.  My heart overflowed with gratitude and I felt truly blessed in that moment.

"Blessed" was the word I found on a tee shirt while walking through Target to get a tire pump to fill the flat tire I woke up to.  It felt like it was my word for the weekend, my message from the Universe, and now that I'm home, it is one that I keep repeating to my Self.  "Blessed"...yes, yes I am.

LR Edit -4915.jpg

And yes, you are, too! 

Count the ways.....and tell me about it in the comments!  I'd love to hear your stories of gratitude and blessings and prayers offered in quiet gardens.

Sending you so much love....





What is a psychic medium...and how can I BE one?!


There's a question I get asked a lot about what it is that I do, exactly, and trying to explain it is not always easy.  Being "psychic" isn't something that I ever envisioned myself becoming but it's been a special journey through life that has been filled with so much magic that I wanted to try my best to explain what being psychic means, what a psychic medium is and what you can do to open your own intuition.

Sending you so much love....


I hit Life pretty hard and on all cylinders most of the time.  Staying busy, networking, reaching out, helping others...that's what it's all about, right?  Well, last weekend I suddenly couldn't anymore.

Everything in my brain…..

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