An Egyptian Mystery School….the Iseum of the Divine Isis Within


The Iseum of the Divine Isis Within is a sacred space that surrounds you, that is part of you, that is an extension of you.  It's a place to align more closely to the Egyptian Goddess Isis and her sister goddesses....Nephthys, Sekhmet, Hathor, and Nuit.  It's a place of refuge for your heart and soul when you need to surrender into the loving arms of Isis.  It's a place to retrace the steps of the ancients....of the ancients within you that your soul longs to bring back to life.  THIS life.

As a part of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, the Iseum is a place of higher spiritual learning and heart-felt dedication.

  • It's an intensive course that's designed to bring you into a deeper relationship with Isis, the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.  

  • It's designed to awaken your intuition and gifts and to illuminate answers to the tough questions you have in your life.  It is self-paced....but you are never alone.

As with any relationship, your relationship with Isis takes time and dedication.  Not everyone is destined to become ordained as her Priestess, but you can feel her heart beating with yours. She's called to you, found you and is leading you closer to her and that is a priceless calling to have!   

This unique and powerful program is set up in 7 levels and is designed to take 9-12 months to complete.  In each beautiful level there are simple yet powerful rituals to set up sacred space for your communion with this powerful goddess and journals to keep to record your amazing experiences.  Each week I'll review your journals, give you feedback, answer your questions and encourage you through the parts that seem confusing or that you have questions about.  

All along the way, I'm here to help! I so enjoy getting to know you and being along with you in this incredible journey with Isis!

You've already opened your heart to her and your life has already been filled with moments of magic and mysticism....and I can promise that within this program, that will only continue to blossom and unfold.  Through the work within the Iseum, you'll gain clarity and become more aligned with your divine purpose in ways that will surprise you and bring you great joy. 

I know it because it's something I've experienced firsthand AND I've seen it happen in the lives of each of my initiates as they move deeper into a relationship with Isis and the neteru.

So now, you're here!  You've heard the call of Isis and you're ready to begin this magical journey!  

Your membership as an initiate in the Iseum gives you access to:

  • All the requirements for the first level and each level as you're ready

  • Access to our monthly online gatherings where you can meet the other initiates from all around the world

  • Flourish in the spirit of sisterhood

  • Receive unlimited support from me in real time via email and within the monthly meetings

  • Lifetime membership in the Iseum

  • Ongoing guidance in your life path and what it means to be a Priestess of Isis for YOU

I'm so happy you’re here and I can't wait for you to get started!

To get started, simply fill in the application form below and watch your Inbox for all the details on how you can begin your first level!

iseum initiates.jpg

Me and some of the Isian Priestess Initiates as we celebrated Summer Solstice together.  Sending you blessings and love from Isis!