Be open. Surrender.

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I gave this as a topic to explore in my Iseum's first online gathering…what does your year ahead look like with the Egyptian Goddess Isis?


I was in the home office working on all the Things, taxes, website, accounting and balancing the checkbook, sending out things I needed to send to upcoming know, all the Things....and I started to think about this question and when I would be able to sit with Her and listen to what She would tell me.  I knew it wouldn't be a thing of me telling Her anything, it would most certainly be the other way around.

I remembered how in the past at the dawning of a new year I would have a sense or a feel for the way the new year was going to go.  It was as if it were some sort of tangible rug underneath it all supporting it and giving it a place to rest. One year not too long ago, I was a little panicky as I couldn't 'feel' the next year.  I didn't feel that meant I would die or anything so dramatic, but that rug had been pulled out from underneath me and I felt a little ungrounded and very uncertain.

As I sat there in my dining room working and thinking about all of this I asked the question, "What does this year with Isis look like for me?"  My heart and mind searched for the answer and She entered the room and whispered,

"Be open.  Surrender."

A feeling of peace surrounded me and I knew that a part of my magical Self was out there manifesting things for me.  Fun things. Wonderful things. Adventurous things. Abundant things. I just needed to be open. To surrender.

While that sounds easy enough, I'm not really a sit-back-and-wait-for-things-to-happen kind of girl.  I like to dig in, roll up my sleeves, and get my hands dirty so this was going to be a little challenging.  Not too hard but at least a little.

The following weekend I was busy working on hieroglyph photos for Normandi's upcoming book and loved the feeling of reconnecting with the symbols and words.  To say I was excited that I remembered more than I thought I did is not an understatement! There were some missing glyphs from my archives and I just said matter of factly to Normandi, "Well, I'll just go back to Egypt and get them!"

I said it in much the same tone as I told the fitness coach moving to China who wanted me to take her branding photos.  "I travel", I said. It was a statement. A truth. I spoke it out loud and the neteru took it and ran with it and made it happen.

That was pretty much the same thing that happened to me last week.  Out of the blue, Egypt called with an offer I couldn't refuse and I was going to be going back.  Working. In Egypt. Just like I had in my mind to go back.

So....I'm already thinking about packing and my camera gear and the locations and what I need and want to capture this time around while at the same time mindful of being open and surrendering to all the possibilities it will be opening up for me.

The magic of Egypt will find you.  Somehow. Listen to the voice of Isis and see what magic manifests into your life. The possibilities are endless


To Listen in the Dark

Be open


Listen in the dark

to what your soul knows

To be true

Trust in the stillness

That the answers are

Right there



There have been signs

for months

You saw them

You acknowledged them

Signs from the Universe





Be open