The Moon and Me...

Full Moon in Leo

Your Moon Message.....

Here it is, loves!  Your FREE Full Moon in Leo transformational message!  The Full Moon looks over your so lovingly and she invites you into this meditational space with her.   So settle into something comfy, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and listen with all of you.  Listen with your heart, your soul, and the water in your body.  Let her whisper clarity and wisdom to you.  She is there, waiting for you.....

SPECIAL NOTE BEFORE LISTENING:  While I was recording this audio for you, I introduced a chant to invoke the presence of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, a powerful Lioness.  Sitting by the fire, which has never EVER popped like that, after inviting her into this space, there is a very loud POP from my fire, so I just want you to be aware of that.  It is going to feel a little like a jolt, but She definitely made Her presence known.  That is how it happens with her and with her by your side during this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the lion, Leo, know that certainly you will be lovingly guided by Sekhmet.

Moon Music for Meditation

A special Musical Note:  The music for this Moon Meditation is unlike any music I have played before.  Like the message, it is channeled and tuned in to the Music of the Spheres and the Zodiac signs, which gives it an otherworldly feel to it.  As with the Messages, settle in and breathe and prepare to listen with all the cells of your body.  Let the power of the moon's watery intuition blend with the water of your body to transform you and give you the healing you need right now.

Full Moon in Leo Thoughts and Explorations

This worksheet is designed to guide you deeper into the moon's message for you once you have listened to the Moon Message.  You can read through it as you listen to the Music for Meditation if you like or read through it first and then listen to the music.  Know that the moon is here to support you and she can't wait to pull you into all the wonderful blessings that are waiting for you...listen, let go, trust. 

The Fire of Leo

The element of this Full Moon in Leo is Fire and with that comes many opportunities to burn away that which is no longer beneficial to you, to clear out the closets hidden in dark corners that are filled with cobwebs, and to follow your dreams sitting in them intoxicated and happy.  Be very aware of your heart's desire and if it's voice is small and quiet encourage it to roar!  The only one who can chase your dreams for you is YOU!  

Some notes about this Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Not only is this  Full also carries the transformative energy of an eclipse.  The eclipse is offering at this time a deeper and more radical shift for you.  It is the hunter in triplicate!  All of those changes you want to make but may not feel up to tackling just yet are getting pushed to the forefront and it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to tackle them!  The Universe helps us make those beneficial changes we need to make in our lives to move us forward and keep us from becoming stagnate and too comfortable, because human tendency with comfort is complacency.  

So, watch for dramatic shifts during this time.  This is a lunar eclipse, which can be softer than a solar eclipse, however this Full Moon is in a fiery sign of Leo so watch for heightened  sensitivity and emotions.  Watch for unexpected anger to arise and look for the answers underneath that expression of anger...there you will usually find hurt and pain.  Use the supporting energy of this lunar eclipse to explore these feelings with gentleness and compassion.  Feel, notice, and listen to what is trying to move through and out.

There may be frustration, too, with projects that seem to never get their feet off the ground or goals or dreams that you may not have had the ability to follow through with to completion.  Again, use this energy of the eclipse to catapult them into being.  Pull them out of the shadows and allow them to emerge.  If you feel overwhelmed, breathe in the power of the lion during this time to regain your ground.

Explorations:  Incorporate the element of Fire by wearing red, dancing, moving, drumming, burning some candles, lighting some incense, and consuming red foods such as peppers, apples, strawberries, cherries, or indulge in a glass of red wine or pomegranate juice to fuel your passions and to realize your dreams.  When you have the heart of the lioness, the world is your oyster!  If you are experiencing anger, know that this is just a residual effect of letting child is happy about having to give up their favorite comforting blanket or stuffed toy because it is worn out, so don't expect your grown-up heart to react any differently.  Be gentle with yourself and be mindful of your feelings and know that you are loved, guided, and that all of your feelings are precious gifts to be thankful for because they are your guides into your future.

How this moon spoke to me....

1.  What is my intuition telling me?

2.  What does my heart long for?  

3.  What does my heart feel empty without?  Is there only one way to fill that space?

4.  Where is my focus at this time?

5.  What might I need to change in my perspective to get me unstuck?

6.  What have I been asked to let go of that was more beneficial for me than I ever imagined?

7.  Journal some of the ways that it would feel if you were to embody the power of the lioness when you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed and how that would shift everything.

8.  Make a list of projects or goals that have been unfinished and begin to get a plan together to finish at least one.  Notice resistance and explore it.

9.  Light a candle or a fire and chant "Sa Sekhem Sahu" and feel the vibration fill your chest as you envision the changes you would like to make, the things you want to let go of, the things that you want to manifest.  


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